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Theater fans should attend ballet shows because they offer a unique form of artistic expression that combines movement, music, and storytelling. Ballet dancers are highly trained athletes who use their bodies to convey emotion and tell stories. The choreography, costumes, and sets in a ballet production can be just as visually stunning as those in a traditional theater production. Additionally, many famous plays have been adapted into ballets, such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Nutcracker,” offering a new perspective on familiar stories. Check the schedule for the classical and new ballets that are hitting the theaters and avail Ballet Events Promo Code for affordable tickets.

Classical Ballets: Iconic Productions in American Theaters

The Nutcracker – This ballet, set to Tchaikovsky’s famous score, tells the story of a young girl who receives a nutcracker as a gift and then dreams of a magical journey with the toy. It is often performed during the holiday season and is a beloved tradition for many families.

Swan Lake – One of the most famous ballets of all time, “Swan Lake” tells the story of Prince Siegfried and his love for Odette, a swan princess under an evil sorcerer’s curse. It features iconic choreography and is known for its grand, romantic pas de deux.

The Sleeping Beauty – This ballet is based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault and tells the story of Princess Aurora, who is cursed by an evil fairy and can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. It features elaborate costumes and sets, and is known for its grandeur and technical demands on the dancers.

Romeo and Juliet – This ballet, set to Prokofiev’s famous score, tells the classic story of Shakespeare’s play about two young lovers from feuding families. It is known for its dramatic and emotional choreography, and is often performed by companies around the world.

Coppelia – This is a story of a beautiful mechanical doll created by a mysterious inventor, Dr. Coppelius. It is a lighthearted and charming ballet, known for its playful choreography and lively music.

New Ballet Productions Announced by American Companies

The Firebird – This ballet, set to Stravinsky’s famous score, tells the story of a magical bird that helps a young prince defeat an evil sorcerer. It is known for its avant-garde choreography and imaginative sets and costumes.

Cinderella – This ballet, set to Prokofiev’s score, tells the classic fairy tale of a young girl who overcomes hardship and attends a royal ball with the help of her fairy godmother. It is known for its romantic choreography and grand sets and costumes.

Don Quixote – New York City Ballet announced a new production of “Don Quixote” choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky, set to music by Ludwig Minkus.

Giselle – San Francisco Ballet announced a new production of “Giselle” choreographed by Helgi Tomasson, set to music by Adolphe Adam.

To attend any of these ballets, make sure you have information on the latest schedule and know how to buy Ballet Events tickets.