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American Ballet Theatre, the New York based company is one of the most dominating and outstanding Ballet companies existing today. It was originally established as a “Ballet Theatre” in 1939 by Richard Pleasant and Lucia Chase. Its aim was to preserve the prominent work that had been done in the past, in the field of dance and ballet. In 1956, the company changed the name to ‘American Ballet Theatre’ and during the seventies it was officially granted the New York Metropolitan Opera House. Some significant dancers of ABT include Erik Bruhn, Anton Dolin, Alicia Alonso and Natalia Makarova. American Ballet Theatre Tickets will guarantee you some great entertainment.
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Dance and music play a pivotal role in our lives as they are the expression of some of the most intimate feelings a human heart has, and companies like American Ballet Theater have always kept this tradition alive through perpetual hard work. It is for the endeavors of such companies that today the human civilization has achieved heights of social and ideological evolution, and the modern man feels pride in calling himself as civilized.

New York City based ballet company American Ballet Theater enjoyed the status of one of the leading ballet companies of 20 th century. Even today the company is considered as one of the premiere institutions that promote and patronize different forms of dance. The critics often name American Ballet Theater along with San Francisco Ballet and New York City Ballet as the three greatest of all classical dance companies that have played a great role in bringing American style of dance in front of the world. One of the writers in an article published in London based magazine The Observer claims that the world recognizes American dance style today only because of untiring efforts of these three legendary ballet companies.

American Ballet Theater has matured over time, and has developed clearly defined levels of performance in the company. The performers can be categorized into three classes that include the Principals , the Soloists and Corps de Ballet . Out of the three, principals are at the highest rank in the company, and perform independently. Some of their performances are with the Corps de Ballet , but they still remain the main performers during the show, and remain in the limelight throughout the performance. Soloists , as the name denotes, perform generally alone, but are ranked at a level below the principals. Below the soloists are the performers in Corps de Ballet that form the group of performers that generally perform in the background. They also serve as supporting performers in the background of soloists of the principals.

American Ballet Theater also focuses on promoting the art of dancing among the younger generation and supervises a separate section of the company named as American Ballet Theater II, abbreviated generally as the ABT II. ABT II mainly deals with the younger performers and has a system of recruitment and training of young dancers that may be inducted into the main American Ballet Theater upon achieving a certain level of training and having proven their talent and potential.

The history of American Ballet Theater is quite old and interesting, having its beginnings in the earlier part of 20 th century. Mordkin Ballet was the name of this company initially, that was founded in 1937. After struggling for a couple of years, the company was renamed and reorganized in 1940 and resumed its operations with the name of Ballet Theatre . Artistic director for the company at that time was L ucia Chase , the legendary dancer who gave forty years of her life to this company and contributed a great deal in helping it achieve the stature it has acquired today. The current name, American Ballet Theater, was given to the company in 1956. It performs at many different venues regularly, but its home performances are hosted at Metropolitan Opera House in New York at Lincoln Center . A unique privilege that American Ballet Theater is proud to have is that it was the first American dance company that performed in the Soviet Union. The historical performance took place in 1960.

Among the renowned artistic directors that remained associated with American Ballet Theater apart from Lucia Chase are included Oliver Smith, Mikhail Baryshnikov , Kevin McKenzie and Jane Hermann . It was for the untiring efforts of these directors and hard work of the performers that the theater has reached the present heights of excellence, and American Ballet Theater Tickets are now considered synonymous to world class dance entertainment.

For a truly powerful dance performance make sure to book your deals of the American BalletTheatre tickets from us now. Being one of the oldest and the most cherished dance companies in the United States, it has truly spell bounded audiences through the magnificent performances it brings forth every now and then. Calling the Metropolitan Opera House home this revered dance company is now thinking of taking off on a tour, as they hit the road you make sure to hit the mouse buttons and seal your deal of the tickets to this auspicious show.

The Observer describes the company along with two other companies of the same nature as “triumvirate of great classical companies defining the American style on the world stage today.” The irony of the situation is sure laughable when you find out that a Russian some fifty or more years ago laid the foundations of the company. The launch of the company was all undertaken by Mikhail Mordkin and now after fifty one years it was another Russian Alexie Ratmansky who dominated the first two programs while it’s showcasing in London. It is a delight to discover how the shapes and rhythms of choreography react directly to the score. The transitional moves that sparkle like musical jokes and the angular geometries all make the feeling memorable.

Also known as the ABT this ballad company of the twentieth century is based in New York, and till date it functions as a leading dance company of the world. The company is divided between three levels, in ascending order it goes like, Corps de Ballet, the soloists and the principals; there is also ABT II, formerly known as the ABT Studio Company. The company is the first ever American Ballad Company that got a chance to dance in the Soviet Union.

The ABT makes sure to encourage the growth of dance and choreography by holding a session in summers where young people from across the country can enter and work on their dancing skills. Tony Award winner David Alvarez who happens to be among the original Billys of the Broadway production of Billy Elliot the Musical, had danced feature roles in ABT’s productions of The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker. If you have a craving for world class performances then tickets to this show can really help suffice your hunger. Make sure you secure your seat till there are a few left!

With the piano being played live on stage and beautiful figures dancing perfectly on the tunes all makes the show heavenly divine. The music serves like a force around all the dancers, driving and containing their shifting pattern. Performing arts has always played a significant role in lifting our spirits cushioning us against the obstacles of everyday life. For years, the ABT has enabled us to nestle down in our seats and let the evening take on a light, romantic flight. As the American Ballet Theatre tickets are in stock with us make sure to book your deals from us in time.

American Ballet Theatre is known for blending the modern styles of ballet dancing with the traditional moves. The company promoted the dancers from all over the world and performed across America, Europe and Middle East. The dedicated dancers wearing frilly costumes exhibi

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