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Ballet as the most exotic dance form has always inspired and enlightened many for many centuries. In modern times its stands tall in its most classical form, yet the fusion, theatrical and contemporary versions have also craved niches for themselves. The world of ballet finds sanctuary in various Ballet academies and dance companies across the western world. However, the Canadian bench remains a top notch with prestigious institutes.

Canada has housed and harnessed the best of global ballet interests, potential and talent. Amongst a few such schools and companies is the The Royal Winnipeg Ballet. The name comes from the long standing association with the home ground Winnipeg in the Manitoba province Canada. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet enjoys the status and honor of being Canada’s oldest ballet company. In turn it has the longest running career operating ballet school, ballet venue and entertainment company in parallel.

The company has brought forth the most stylistically profound Ballet. More so, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet boasts of ballet lined with sound technique and finest movement detailing. The resultant Ballet is dance par excellence with an exuberantly captivating style that is simply breath taking. Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet began the tradition of reviving classic ballet and refining other forms of it. The resulting quality of Ballet on stage is astounding. It never goes unnoticed and is appreciated for every single detail. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet has gained considerable critical and general acclaim. With an ever increasing quality and versatility in the ballet dance form, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet has never disappointed. Instead it has become a heart-warming experience for audience be it the first time or not.

Such remarkable commercial appeal and public outreach has earned the Ballet great credibility, following and fanfare. Hence, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is always in greater demand than before. Every season, it brings an exciting package of hundred of performances bind together as a Royal Winnipeg Ballet presentation. It has always showcased the legendary and state of the art Ballet with the best choreography intact, making it an experience to die for.

French roots in Manitoba and in Winnipeg in particular left the love for ballet. The love flourished and materialized as the Winnipeg Ballet Club , a brainchild of one of the most respected names of Ballet Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally. These names not only made the Ballet club but dedicated their life and blood to sustain and develop it into an iconic name in Ballet. Under the Queen Elizebeth II, the club received its royal title. Five years later, Arnold Spohr was appointed artistic director under royal command. For three decades the Royal Winnipeg Ballet remained in his caring hands. The company experienced phenomenal growth that bagged unsurpassed fame and success at the international ground. Amongst many other renowned Ballet companies across Europe, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet became a standard of classic Ballet. With numerous artistic directors on board, only André Lewis shined as a name that glorified Royal Winnipeg Ballet to a higher ground. His efforts targeted repertoire, and showcasing librettos of all time favorite legends of ballets Dracula, The Nutcracker and The Magic Flute. Lewis tireless toil and ended in delivering the legendary shows with relentless perfection. To date most of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet repertoire is a projection of Andre’s work.

David Moroni C.M a former dancer substantiated the Royal Winnipeg Ballet through the formal training channel, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. It is prestigious learning institute that trains an exclusive set of students to be professional dancers and teachers that work for the Ballet itself or take their experience along. Another important feature of the Ballet is the new Company home which consists of all kinds of facilities required for training, rehearsing and performing ballet.

Back tracking the touring history, one finds the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as a dance leader and pioneer in all respects. Repertoire, revamping choreography, recording firsts of a headlining performance, initiating ballet school and a ballet festival are all milestones achieved by none other than the Royal Ballet. Projecting itself as an ambassador of peace, the Ballet went to unstable world zones like Cuba, Russia and Czechoslovakia. International Ballet Festival awarded it Gold Medal for such as extended outreach efforts. As for mother Canada, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet has been touring inland since 1945. With almost six months dedicated to touring the Ballet performs at various venues. Loaded with the immaculate dance moves and lifts, The Royal Winnipeg BalletTickets is bound to lighten up the evening in a wink.

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