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Joffrey Ballet:

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The Joffrey Ballet is professional performing arts company from Chicago, Illinois. It is known for its annual recitals, the most prominent of which are “The Nutcracker” and “Romeo and Juliet”. They are also known for experimenting with classical to modern crossovers. The ballet has also produced several completely original recitals. They also encourage modern dance forms, be it contemporary or lyrical. The company has always maintained a profound benchmark; any choreographer or master to have ever worked in the company has been a famous industry name, such as the founders themselves, Robert Joffery and Gerlad Arpino and others like Paul Taylor and George Balanchine. This year as well, Joffrey Ballet tickets are on sale both for the classic, “The Nutcracker” and a modern, “Human Landscapes”.
The company started out as a touring ensemble that would perform full versions of the classical recitals. This was in the mid 1950s when companies would only dance extracts from the famous ballets. The main suite of the Nutcracker was famous as was the iconic balcony moment from “Romeo and Juliet”. The two founders, Arpino and Joffery then gathered a group of six dancers who began to travel around the world. In the early days, they did not even have a proper tour bus; they would instead travel in a trailer which was being pulled by a station wagon. The team expanded from there to the point where it had to be split into two—Arpino became in charge of the actual touring part whereas Joffrey would stay behind to make money for the tour by teaching ballet. Although they originally intended to settle in New York City, their first ballet feature on a major scale was at Chicago, where they became the first version of the Joffrey Ballet. For a few years, however, they did operate from New York, where they met with many choreographers and benefactors that helped propel the company forward. These included Rebekah Harkness and Alvin Ailey. Because of their help, the company began to perform overseas as well. But the partnership did not last long as they left the company by 1964.
When the benefactor team broke off onto its own, Joffrey started once again from the ground up and began to work on his own company. This dream finally came into being in 1965 when the Joffrey Ballet as it is known today was established. Arpino became the chief choreographer whereas Joffrey took over as the artistic director. With their own brand now at the ready, they flourished for many years to come. Their ballet, “Trinity” inspired by the rock era of the time was a huge hit and sold out Joffrey Ballet tickets the entire month it was on. Their remake of “The Green Table” was also much appreciated, and this became the first of many revivals that the company did in the following years.
Today, the company consists of 42 dancers and holds their annual events regularly at “Auditorium Theatre”. Their performance season lasts from May (when it opens) to October. During off season or when they are not performing in their home venue, the ballet travels both around the world and within the country. They perform “The Nutcracker” each year in December. They have continued to hold contemporary exposés as well, where the more free form and modern interpretation of ballet is celebrated. This is the section of the company that has attracted the most number of young aspiring dancers. As lyrical and contemporary has hit the mainstream, being performed in most popular television shows of the country, people are more interested in learning the en vogue routines.
By July of 2007, the original founders, Arpino and Joffrey decided to retire once and for all, having spent most of their lives serving the company. Although they are still the owners, they no longer take part in the operating activities. They have handed over the torch to Ashley Wheater, who was a former dancer at the ballet as was a teacher at the “San Francisco Ballet”.
The ballet continues to have the highest of standards, training their dancers to perfection and educating their audience in the proper form of the discipline. One of their recent goals has become to celebrate diversity in their country and they encourage people from every background to join. Now, under the responsibility of Ashley Wheater and Christopher Clinton Conway, the company is going to a new era, which will hope to maintain its reputation as one of the top dance organizations in the world.

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