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The world’s biggest fighting championship, UFC, gets better and better every year with so many hot events being held by it all year round. Since UFC started all these years back in 1993 in Denver, Colorado, the event has only grown in popularity with every passing event and every passing year. UFC features fighting champions from a lot of countries and incorporates various fighting styles like Muay Thai, karate, wrestling and boxing. The events are also featured on television but attending it live brings a real feel and a whole lot more fun to it. From the top ranking fighters presenting shows of action packed fun, UFC Tickets are the ultimate entertainment tickets for people of all age groups.For Event Schedule and available tickets for UFC please click Buy

People who like to witness real fights full of blood and gore are in for a treat because the dates for the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have been announced. The championship is famous for its real and violent fights. The tournament has seen a tremendous increase in its popularity over the last few years, and has become an important part of today’s popular culture. The man of today is much more civilized and well behaved to settle minor differences at workplace or the playground with a display of physical strength, but it wasn’t always like this. And UFC has gained fame because it pitches strong men against each other in the ultimate battle for supremacy. These fights are not for the tender hearted and the amount of brutality on display has not been experienced before in any sport of this kind.

UFC was established in the early nineties after the popularity of such tournaments in Brazil. But the real inspiration behind such championships can be traced back to the ancient Olympic combative sports in 648 BC. The true intent behind this event was to bring fighters from different fighting disciplines against each other for example a Boxer versus a wrestler and from the outcome of their encounter identify the most effective martial art in a real fight. This strategy of the founders of UFC has been the primary reason behind its success and for the continued interest of the common people in the championship.

In 1992, Art Davie, Rorion Gracie and John Milius together wanted to create a television franchise and came up with the idea for a show called War of The Worlds which would be an eight-man, single-elimination tournament. After all major networks refused to go ahead with the original plan for the show Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) decided to come on board as a partner. SEG gave the championship its name The Ultimate Fighting Championship .

Initially all UFC events were advertised as having no rules at all and just hardcore violent fighting. But the championship did operate under a limited set of regulations where only biting and eye gouging was not allowed and the techniques of hair pulling, head butting, groin strikes and fish-hooking were always frowned upon. Their this philosophy later got them into trouble with the authorities and laws were passed in thirty six states banning the sport for its no holds barred fighting philosophy. The future of the sport was looking very uncertain and for continued survival the UFC underwent reform and embraced more strict rules and guidelines to achieve sanctioning from the State Athletic Commissions. The UFC increased its cooperation with the official monitoring bodies and many of the rules for the game were redesigned, the less palatable elements of fights were removed but the core elements of striking and grappling were retained.

Today UFC is much less violent when compared with its initial years but is still true to its foundation philosophy of showcasing mixed martial arts. It now operates under the rules devised by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board. Different matches can be different in length but all championship matches have five rounds of five minutes each and non championship matches have three rounds each of five minutes. There is a one minute rest between each round. All fights are played in an eight sided enclosure called the Octagon where the fighters wear approved shorts and are bare feet. They can also wear light weight open fingered gloves. The outcome of a match is usually when a fighter admits defeat and submits or is completely knocked unconscious. In technical knockout a referee or a doctor can decide if a fighter is not fit to continue. Lastly based on the scoring the judges can decide on the result of a match.

The UFC has a huge fan following which has resulted in massive consumer merchandising. All tournaments have been released on DVD. Music albums with music featured in UFC events are available for purchase. Video games for playstation, XBOX and Wii can also be found in the market. And action figures of famous fighters like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Matt Hughes, Tito Ortiz, and Randy Couture are very popular amongst the hardcore fans.
Any UFC event is famous for the multiplicity of fighting techniques on display along with the thrill. Featuring fighting styles from around the world the championship will have you entertained for the whole evening. Grab your UFC Tickets today and make sure you do not miss out on any of this year’s major fights.

UFC mixed so many fighting genres into one mighty fighting event, bringing the best of the best fighters from around the world to compete, take down their opponent and shine. Watching a punch or a two live is so much more entertaining than watching it on TV where the people sitting in the stands can actually feel the heat and the energy of the event. UFC brings all these fighting events every year to satisfy the appetites of the fighting fans. With a fan base comprising of old and young alike, UFC is an event which brings all the action and adventure in one mighty fighting event. With so many events hot fighting event being held by the UFC every year, UFC tickets are hard to resist. So go out and grab yours today!

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