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Cows are typically considered docile creatures and are often cited as the butt of many jokes, especially due to their proclivity for mooing at the slightest startle. However, the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle has a slightly different take on who is the one being startled, what with its impressive 3 foot long horns. Yet the human breeds of Texas Longhorns play a completely different ball game when it comes to intimidating their adversaries. Specially conceived as part of the University of Texas athletic programs, the Longhorns have displayed their vigor and skill in all major varsity sports ranging from baseball, basketball and football to Track and field. The Texas Longhorns play in the Big 12 Conference in the Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and their 18 teams draw the battle lines across both sexes.
The University of Texas at Austin, the home of the Texas Longhorns, is situated a quarter of a mile from the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. The capital city of Texas traces its history back to the 1830s when pioneers first settled on the banks of the Colorado River and derives its name from Stephen F Austin who led the first 300 families to settle there. The University of Texas was founded almost a half-a-century later and has since grown to encompass a sprawl of more than 1,400 acres.
All that explosive energy makes for some ravenous athletic programs that have to be fed every season with some prime cut saplings. The Texas Longhorns are injected with a regular stream of players via some 18 odd training camps that are held for every extramural and intramural sports team at the University, with separate ones for male and female specific activities. The summer camps, such as the Mack Brown Longhorn Football Camp and the boys and girls basketball camps prod the young Longhorn calves into shape.
The Texas Longhorns teams have chalked up some amazing championship figures. Their 48 National championship wins draw their statistics from nearly each category of sport that the respective players participate in, especially Swimming & Diving in which both long-horned bulls and cows have excelled with matching strokes. The Conference championship wins that run into triple digits are so numerous that one quite easily loses count. No wonder, as the sporting venues that these teams call home, such as the 111,000 capacity Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium and the 70,000 square feet indoor training facilities housed in the space-age “The Bubble”, would be the envy of some entire countries.

Since the turn of the century, the Texas Longhorns have proven to be a real testimony to the legacy of their real life mascot, which marked its sturdy hooves all along the 1,000 mile cattle trek along the Chisolm Trail, leaving other breeds snorting dust in their wake. The University of Texas sure earned some long-horned pride in 2002 when the Sports illustrated magazine dubbed it “America’s Best Sports College”. So to see some Texans locking horns to show how the game is played, get your Texas LonghornsTickets now.

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