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If you like Latin music, then you are in for a treat as Romeo Santos is touring and is all set to rock your soul with his enthralling music. Get your Romeo Santos Tickets and have an unforgettable evening with your loved ones. With fabulous songs like “You,” “Obsesión,” and “Promise,” in his catalog, the young man is a true entertainer and always dazzles his audience with his natural charm and passionate music.

The young star was born in The Bronx, New York on July 21, 1981. His father was a Dominican and his mother was a Puerto Rican. He was blessed with a melodious voice and an innate passion for music. He was interested more in the process of songwriting than in singing songs and tried to imitate his favorite stars like Omar Alfano, Camilo Sesto, etc. from a very young age. He joined the church choir along with his cousin Henry at the start of his teen age. Both the cousins carried on with their interest in music and eventually formed the band Aventura with Lenny and Mikey. Aventura specialized in Bachata music, and with tales of heartbreak, tragic love, and sadness, it became popular with Romeo Santos as its lead singer and songwriter. Romeo was and is fanatic about original music.

Aventura’s trajectory towards stardom is distinguished by the feature of originality. The band members were determined to blend the passionate Bachata music with the latest popular tunes of R&B and hip hop. With amazingly beautiful songs like “Cuando Volveras,” “Obsesión,” “Ka boda,” “Hermanita,” and “Un Beso,” it was no surprise that Aventura became extremely popular. The power behind the success of the glorious band was the creative music penmanship of Romeo Santos. Although the band is no more, but the creative genius of Romeois still churning out fantastic tunes.

Romeo Santos is a true star with tremendous talents in his repertoire of skills. Even when he was in Aventura, the music industry recognized his extensive gifts and awarded him with several honors. Romeo won the eminent Billboard Composer of the Year Award in 2007. 2010 was another great year for him in terms of awards as he won the ASCAP Composer of the Year Award . ASCAP is the prestigious American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers. Besides these awards, Romeo Santos has won countless other accolades for his brilliant achievements.

On November 8, 2011, Romeo Santos released his first studio album titled “Formula, Vol 1.” The album continues the traditions of his previous band Aventura i.e. it tries to bring the beauty of the Bachata music to the rest of the world. Romeo also tries his hand at Dance music and R&B as apparent by some tracks in the album. He has also collaborated with other great artists like the current reigning King of R&B Usher and hip hip artist Lil’ Wayne. The album reached the number one position on Billboard Top Latin Albums. It has definitely achieved its goal of reaching a larger audience as it also reached the number nine position on the Billboard 200 chart.

Romeo Santos was always a shy boy when he was in Aventura. Aventura’s popularity and the love of his fans made him emerge out of his cocoon. He has grown into a charismatic star with incredible stage presence. He is a genius when it comes to writing music; using his natural sense of the human emotions, he talks passionately about anger, love, jealousy, and even serious issues like domestic violence. Everyone who attends his concerts has a marvelous time, and he is known for his dynamic live performances charged with energy and a contagious passion for music.

Romeo Santos is slowly and steadily going beyond the traditional Bachata music that originated from the Dominican Republic. He is trying to reach a wider audience by incorporating the popular styles of hip hop and R&B. The man has a natural charisma, which always charms his live audiences. Live music is always exhilarating and the excitement is trebled if the star is someone as talented and magnificent as Romeo Santos. Get your Romeo Santos tickets and hear this vibrant man live. You will definitely get addicted to his marvelous music style and melodious voice.

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