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The man carrying a drink in one hand and a smoke in the other is a depiction of sheer style, and this stylish man is none other than Ron White, the comedian. The artist who started out with having his cassettes at the truck shop has come a long way as today his shows witness jam packed audiences. Every venue and stadium management craves to have him perform under their roof. Ron White shows are the talk of the town and everyone is trying their best to get their hands on his tickets.

Times have changed a lot from the 60s’ Rat Pack. It was an age where Ol’ Blue Eyes Frankie Sinatra could let go off the crooning on his jazz melodies, take a swig from a bottle of whiskey, & join his pals on stage to indulge in stand-up comedy that was fabulously received. Nowadays, however, comedy is considered a specialized field, with experts having spent years in the wilderness before making a name. And if a Texan brings a bottle of whiskey & a Cuban cigar to puff on stage while delivering his stand up routine, the laughter he elicits is more often due to those daring shenanigans than the comedy content. Yet Ron White has created a trademark style that incorporates all these elements & has seen him create a niche for himself. While much of his comic attack is adult content, it is his affable personality & his propensity to indulge himself, and the crowd, in entertaining tales that gives him an edge. Ron “Tater Salad” White has been the recipient of two Grammy nominations, accumulating 10 million album sales. His mean streak shows no signs of letting up, as the demand for Ron White tickets floods ticket sites.

Ron White ’s quintessential Texan roots have influenced him to be proficient at country comedy. White thrives with observational comedy, with emphasis on presenting real-life events through his eyes as a stereotypical Southern redneck. The Texan was born in Fritch in 1956. He served a spell in the Navy, with his love for potato salad earning him the nickname “Tater Salad”. It took further credence when, during an arrest, he remarked that he had earlier committed an offence under the alias of Tater Salad. The officer deemed it true, making it a permanent fix on his arrest record. Although the event is disputed, White has encouraged its spread. After his Navy spell, White pursued his comedy career with great zeal, facing innumerable obstacles early on in his career.

Travelling from one unsuccessful gig to another in a rickety Nissan, he made ends meet by selling windows, trying out as a bronco rider, & doing other odd jobs. His debut album Tater Salad aka Busted in Des Moines disappointingly did not chart upon release in 1990. After scratching around for almost 13 years, White teamed up with Grammy winner Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, & Craig Hawksley (who was replaced within 20 shows by Larry the Cable Guy) for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour in 2000.

The Tour was immensely successful, starting from Omaha & touring 90 cities till it finished in 2006 at Washington’s Warner Theater. White was the only member of the foursome who did not go on to star in the Blue Collar TV show, fearing it would give rise to him being typecast in that role. The move worked wonders, as apart from occasional guest appearances on the show to boost his image, White also managed to carve out a successful solo career. He has released four booming albums apart from four compilation works thus far. He ran into trouble with authorities in 2008 when arrested on a tip-off for possession of marijuana, but he was eventually cleared after showing a medicinal drug license.

White ’s debut did not chart, but the Blue Collar Comedy Tour worked wonders. Grossing $15 million in six years, it led to the production of three DVD movies The Movie , Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again , & One for the Road . White’s reputation soared. He starred in four guest appearances on the Blue Collar Comedy TV series. White also did the pilot for The Ron White Show & taped episodes for The Gong Show with Dave Attell . In 2003, he released Drunk in Public that received Gold certification. 2006’s You Can’t Fix Stupid & 2009’s Behavioral Problems both topped US Comedy charts.

Ron White tickets have been attracting a lot of attention lately, given his amicable persona & power-packed shows. White’s “You can’t fix stupid” line has become a trademark, along with his incessant drinking & smoking, & audiences have been captivated earlier by his smash hit Blue Collar Comedy Tour.White ’s work has been publicized by his earlier association with Laughing Hyena Records, before moving on to Hip-O & then Image Label.White’s inimitable style & cranked up humor make him one of a kind in the comedy landscape. Ron White tickets are the need of the hour for anyone wanting to spend a loony few hours with side-splitting humor.

Rest assured that Ron White Tickets can give you the relaxation you have been craving for. All you have to do is recline in your chair and enjoy this comedian's sharp wits. This Comedy Central favorite has it all planned out for you, no hard hitting drama, no melodramatic endings, his show only guarantees one thing, humor that will knock you off your seats making you laugh all night long. Stimulate your senses and let the party get started, with the King of comedy, Ron White. Famously called, "Tater Salad" he has been the pride of not just concert arenas, but feature films as well. Catch him on his tour and get your dose of comedy and infectious laughter!

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