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In 1965, right in the middle of the flower power years, four Cambridge boys came together and laid the foundations of what was to be one of the greatest bands in the history of music. Pink Floyd is widely acknowledged to have had the greatest impact of shaping the rock music milieu over the decades, what with their experimental and pathos laced musical formulations, establishing milestones that still stand unsurpassed. In a period what is typically the life expectancy in a dozen odd countries, Pink Floyd’s sound has echoed in arenas and stadiums, ensued endlessly from LPs, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs and mp3s, embellished many a movie’s soundtrack, even foretelling the crumbling down of the infamous Berlin Wall. Though not being driven by grandiloquent visions of fame and fortune, the band achieved phenomenal commercial success, clocking more than 250 million in album sales.

The original lineup of Pink Floyd was put together Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright mostly attempted to define themselves in the echelons of mainstream rock. However, Pink Floyd’s eventual innovativeness had its roots in Barrett’s use of tape-loops, feedback and echo delays that that marked the early Floydian sound during the psychedelic 1960s. However, apparently Barrett’s own psychedelic persona became too up close and personal and his exit in 1967 marked the definitive change in Pink Floyd’s lineup, which with the addition of guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour became the identifiable face of the band for the years to come.

Their arrangement with EMI Records that was going to span across all their record release trumpeted off with The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967. The album peaked at the 6 th spot on the UK Albums chart as well as triggering reverberations across the charts in other countries. Their next three albums all charted in the top-ten slot, with 1969’s Ummagumma planting the Pink flag in the US by rolling towards a platinum certification. The 1970s marked the golden (and platinum) chapter in Pink Floyd’s legacy, with some of their most notable productions subsequently going down in the annals of music and edifying the band’s legendary status. 1973’s The Dark Side of the Moon revealed the silver lining that may have been Obscured by Clouds earlier and became Pink Floyd’s first double-digit multi-platinum record, eclipsing all other music at the time to top the Billboard 200. Tracks such as “Money” and “Time” succinctly captured the essence of the zeitgeist and signified the emerging consumerist landscape of the 1970s. The next album Wish You Were Here also followed in the Dark Side’s footsteps and topped charts across all major countries, going six-time platinum in the US.

With even the largely instrumental Animals , speckled with oinks, moos, barks and beastly grunts making it to the top three in major charts, it was 1979’s The Wall that became Pink Floyd’s signature record, being stamped with an impressive 23xplatinum certification. “Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick in the Wall” spawned musically structured philosophies that delineated the mass brainwashing culture that was embodied in the modern educational system, likened to churning out mere bricks to be positioned in the walls of division and isolation. Gilmour’s guitar solo on “Comfortably Numb” has been hailed amongst the greatest ever and has been arduously emulated by every aspiring guitarist ever since. Even after Roger Waters’ exit from the band in following the release of The Final Cut in 1983, Pink Floyd continued to make world class music under David Gilmour, with the last studio record The Division Bell being released in1994 and topping the charts across the world. Its track “Coming Back to Life” typified the records sound as being an unleashed force spreading over the terra firma and saturating the stratosphere.

There is perhaps no other band in the history of music that have fused their impeccable live sound with awe inspiring lighting effects, pyrotechnics and visuals as Pink Floyd have. The band has delivered their powerful and revolutionary music through some of the most memorable performances over the years, such as “The Wall Tour” that featured a 40-foot wall or the “The Division Bell Tour” that tolled a 130-foot arch resembling the Hollywood Bowl, and temporary held the record for the biggest tour ever. Becoming Rock and Roll hall of Fame inductees in 1996 was only befitting for these rock titans. So book your Pink Floydtickets now to throw yourself at the mercy of these rock gods and relish the musical manna that they throw your way.

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd — not to be confused with America’s favorite — is an English rock band which primarily earned fame and recognition for their psychedelic rock music, and, as they evolved, for their progressive rock music. They are recognized for philosophical lyrics, sonic testing, ground-breaking cover art, and sophisticated live shows. Undoubtedly, Pink Floyd is considered one of rock music’s most successful acts; the group has successfully sold off estimating around 74.5 million albums in the United States alone.

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