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Amidst the Alternative Rock or Rock-Pop scene, we find a band known as Panic at the Disco, a relatively younger band compared to the present bands in the scene. This band has acquired much fame in the few years of its existence and has even established its very own following of fans and a sub-genre of music, a specific style of music which, as the band’s members say, is a mix of classical rock with pop and overall feel good, love and happiness themes. In fact, the band states that their particular aim is to create music that makes people happy – in stark contrast to many of today’s bands that make depressive music, so they say.

Panic at the Disco began in early 2004, although not exactly under their present name. the founding members of this band were friends Ross and Smith, with the former on guitar and the latter on drums in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. They then went on to recruit other members Brent Wilson and Trevor Howell and named their band The Summer League. Of these initial four members, Trevor Howell left the band rather early whereas the rest remained for a longer time. Their present vocalist, Urie, was found at Palo Verde High School by Brent Wilson who then asked him to audition as a guitarist for the band – he, initially, wasn’t the lead singer of the band; instead Ross, both lyricist and guitarist, took up this position. However, when rehearsing for backup vocals, the band heard Urie’s vocals and unanimously agreed to have Urie as the lead singer.

The band later on changed its name to Panic at the Disco, inspired and from the song Panic by Name Taken. Their first shot at fame came when they contacted Pete Wentz, then Fall Out Boy bassist, through his LiveJournal website and showed him some of their work, online. He then went and met the band in Las Vegas – after which he signed them to his label Decaydance (an impring of his Fueled by Ramen label) making them the first band signed onto this label. Their debut album was released on 27 th September 2005 titled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. This band achieved much recognition on the internet – through both MySpace and PureVolume although it had little commercial acclaim.

After continuously being featured on MySpace as 1 st on the Indie Charts as well as one of the top 10 PureVolume signed artists, Panic at the Disco featured on the MTV show, Total Request Live on 17 th January 2006. The band’s music video for the song I Write Sins Not Tragedies was featured on this TV Show. This video achieved much acclaim; debuting at 10 th on the TRL countdown as well as winning the Video of the Year Award in the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. The band’s next single, But It’s Better If You Do, was released in UK in May 2006 and achieved a ranking of 23 in the UK. Due to the success of these two singles, Panic at the Disco’s debut album achieved a ranking of 13 on the Billboard 200 as well as a top ranking on the Billboard Independent Chart – it even went platinum August 2006 after selling over 1, 000, 000 copies.

Panic at the Disco later on appeared on the soundtrack of Tim Burton’s This Is Halloween alongside such acts as Marilyn Manson and Fall Out Boy. In 2008, Panic at the Disco headlined for the Honda Civic Tour from San Francisco to Anaheim – they were even responsible for customizing their own Honda Civic Hybrid to be won by a fan and a ticket holder. The band’s next album, Pretty. Odd. was released on 30 th March 2008 and achieved #2 on the UK Albums chart as well as a #2 in the US with over 139, 000 copies of the album sold in its first week. Later on, it also debuted at #1 in Australia. Panic at the Disco also played live as part of several tours; this band appears live at various stages all over the world and as such, there are perfect opportunities for you to see the band live – after simply grabbing some Panic at the Disco tickets!

All in all, Panic at the Disco are a legend amongst rock and roll bands with a style of music and a style of presentation that sets them apart from other mainstream acts – their overall acts sometimes even includes various circus acts, a feature that has gained them immense popularity. This band is like a breathe of fresh air – and to catch a whiff of this fresh air, all you have to do is get Panic at the Disco tickets, right here, right now!

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