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Originated back in Athens, Ohio, Papadosio has been in the music industry for more than five years now, and their energetic and groovy live performances have earned them quite some fan following for themselves. Although Papadosio’s live performances contain the elements of electronic and trance music, but that doesn’t defines their music at all. At times, Papadosio is described as a jam band, while on the other instances, they are label an electronic band. The group’s music spans and takes influences from a multitude of genres.
The group’s line up comprises of Rob as bassist, Mike as Drummer, Anthony as Guitarist while Billy as keyboardist and a vocalist. Together these four group members defy the viewer’s expectation of them being a jam band, when they actually succeed to present their audience with something entirely crazy, unique and entertaining at the same time. For most parts, the live performance of Papadosio presents its audience with a bit of techno sound. But those of you who may be thinking of buying Papadosio tickets but aren’t much of a fan of the techno music, then rest assured that there’s more to it than just the techno sound. Regardless of the fact that whether or not you’re a fan of their music, a live performance by Papadosio always turns out to be a blast for the attendees; and no matter your taste in music Papadosio will surely make you get your groove on.
The group was originally formed back in Athens, Ohio some five or so years ago. However the band currently hails from Asheville, NC and this is where they have been making and producing new material. Papadosio has been bringing its own brand of electronic and techno music to the fans of the genre, and they intend to keep on doing so for the years to come as well.
Papadosio made its studio debut with the release of their debut album titled Magreenery. Magreenery was released back in the year 2007 as a digital album, and truly exposed the musical style of Papadosio to the fans of electronic, improvisational pop and psychedelic rock music. The album takes the listener through a musical journey through the group’s experimentation and exploration of their sound. Magreenery offers a host of various genres within one album. Hence this psychedelic album ensures that it has a bit of something for everyone. The album features tracks including the Plug, Curve, Polygons, and The Big Smile among several others.
After enjoying a fair amount of exposure in the industry with their debut release, the group came up with their By the Light of the Stars EP the following year. By the Light of the Stars EP comprised of four tracks that were By the Light of the Stars, Holy Heck, Advocate of Change and Unparalyzer. With this E.P the group matured their sound even more and kept on experimenting with their sound in an effort of presenting their fans with something entirely new and unique. Keeping their listeners engaged and providing them with something that they haven’t heard before, has been the main focus of the group while working on this E.P. These four tracks are the very definition of what Papadosio’s music is all about.
On October 23, 2009 the group came up with their follow up studio album. The album was titled Observations, and it further defined and developed a signature sound for the band. The album featured Rob McConnell on Bass/Vocals, Billy Brouse on Keys, Anthony Thogmartin on Vocal/Keys/Guitar/Programming and Mike Healy on Drums.
As of the moment, the group has announced to kick of an Album Release tour for their upcoming masterpiece titled To End the Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S). For the promotion of their album, the group will be performing at various venues throughout the country, so all you Papadosio fans out there, now is the time to be getting your cheap Papadosio tickets.

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