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The Super Bowl triumph of 2009 has pushed the demand of New Orleans Saints football tickets through the roof. Since their formation in 1967, the team spent a lot of the subsequent years in the doldrums. The first signs of progress came in the early 1990’s but it was the start of the 2000’s that really did the trick. The Saints picked up the ball and ran with it to go all the way to the pinnacle of NFL. Book your New Orleans Saints football tickets and root for your favorite team to make sure they keep the level of success going.

Every football season promises its fans an event that would be greater than the previous one. This season once again the New Orleans Saints with their presence on the field will never let you blink even for a second!

Based in New Orleans the New Orleans Saints is a professional football team from America. This team came into existence in the year 1966 and in the very same year they played their home games in the Tulane Stadium . Initially the Saints Struggles and were unable to perform well and could not establish themselves as a team that could pose a threat to other teams. Years between 1987 and 1992 proved to be very fruitful and appeared as a milestone in the teams over all performance. During this time they were able to play the playoffs four times and made new records in the seasons in which the playoffs were not being played.

New Orleans Saints had their first major win against the St. Louis Rams who were at that time the defensing champions of the Super Bowl . After six years of constant hard work and dedication they were able to win the NFC Championship Game that took place in the year 2006. In 2009 they brought home the trophy by winning the league championship against the Indianapolis Colts .

Since the year 1985 the Saints are owned by Tom Benson. At that time he appointed Jim Mora as the head coach and on the other hand Jim Finks was made the general manager of the team. This pair played a very important role in giving the kind of start that they were yearning for at that time. They made their first record under their supervision and not only this; they also won their first division title under the guidance of this powerful administrative team. In 2000 Jim Haslett was made the head coach the team performed well but still there was room for improvement.

In the year 2006 Sean Payton was appointed as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints by replacing him with Jim Haslett. After the destruction and chaos caused by Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and its surrounded area was immensely effected by the hurricane. In 2005 the Saints had to play their first home game that they played against the New York Giants in the Giants Stadium instead of their own because it was damaged by the hurricane. In the same season they played their remaining home games either in Alamodome which is situated in Texas and also in Louisiana based LSU’s Tiger Stadium . In 2006 they defeated the Atlanta Falcons in their very first home game.

There has not been much changing done in the Saints uniform and logo since it came into existence. The uniform entails gold trousers which are worn with white or black jerseys. Though the team has had many ups and downs but their passion and dedication has guided them in the time of difficulty. Such an attitude has made them a team which is competitive and at the same time dangerous on the field. The New Orleans Saints Tickets is your way to enter the stadium and see with your own eyes what this team has to offer.

The Saints have made their presence felt and have done so in some style. Now comes the hard part of ensuring the standards don’t slip. They have got to keep focused and the best way to do that is by not losing sight of everything that propelled them to the top in the first place. Guarding against stagnation is the first step and not resting on the laurels the next. Another very important factor is the backing they receive from their fans. So book your New Orleans Saints season tickets and play your part by rooting for your team all through the campaign.


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