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New York Islander is among the most talented ice hockey teams, representing the Atlantic Division of the National Hockey League. The team since the early seventies has given their best shot at playing the game that is vividly visible from their outstanding list of credentials. The Islanders have won four Stanley Cups so far along with six Conference and Division Championships. Its exceptionally talented players have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame . This year the team expects the success trend to continue and they plan on taking the trophy home! New York Islanders Tickets are up for sale! Get them as early as possible!

The New York Islanders have historically been a very successful hockey team. They have won all that there is to be won in the sport but the past few years haven’t been too kind to them. The Islanders are looking to regain their touch and go all the way to the top once again. The support of the fans will play a very important part in that journey. So if you are one of their supporters then grab your New York Islanders tickets and root for your favorite team live.
The team was incepted in the year 1972. It didn’t take them too long to announce their arrival among the big boys. It was in 1975 that the Islanders gave a glimpse of what they had to offer. The team went on to put eighty eight points on the board and qualified for their first ever post season. In the first round they came up against their city rivals the Rangers and beat them to advance to the next round. The Islanders lost the first three games of the series but produced a stunning comeback to topple the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next four games to clinch the series.
The next round pitted them against the Philadelphia Flyers but it proved a step too far for the New York Islanders and they came up short but not without putting up a serious fight. They did the division and conference double in 1978 and repeated the feat next season. Those two seasons provided the platform for the Islanders to take the next step. They did exactly that.
The Islanders missed out on both the division and the conference championships but more than made up for it by winning the Stanley Cup in 1980. The 1980-1981 campaign turned out to be even more incredible for the New York Islanders and their fans. They went on to lift the conference as well as the division crown. That wasn’t all the Islanders also went all the way to the finals of the Stanley Cup to win their second league title.
The New York Islanders proved that they deserved the treble and that it was anything but a fluke. They kicked off the 1981-1982 with expectations at an all time high. The team however showed they were ready for it and went on to do win all three championships once again for the second successive season. They missed out on the division the next year but clinched but the conference and the Stanley Cup by the time next season drew to a close.

The Islanders captured one more conference and two division crowns before the end of the 1980’s to cap off an incredible decade. That however was as good as it got for the team and the fans because for one reason or another they haven’t been able to reach those lofty heights again. It hasn’t been easy for the fans either but if they keep on buying New York Islanders tickets to turn up for their games then the lean patch will end very soon.

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