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The basketball season has entered the last phase. The best teams from the west of the country will soon kick off the NBA western conference quarterfinals proceedings for a series of epic games. This is when the pressure really starts to mount and that gives every match an extra bit of intrigue. So if you are a basketball fan then book your NBA western conference quarterfinals tickets and watch these games live.
NBA’s western conference in its current form came to the fore at the start of the 1990’s but the conference itself traces its roots back to the year 1947. At the beginning there were no geographical connections between teams and their conferences. The western conference was known as the “Campbell Conference” or as the “Clarence Campbell Conference.”
That is how it remained for the next twenty seven years. The stability played a big part in getting not only the conference but the league on solid footing. In 1974 the management decided that the sport needs to be taken a step or two further in terms of its appeal. The entire league was segregated into two conferences. Each conference had a further four division each under them. That thought process behind the change was to make the league easier to understand.
That move did the trick and NBA began to make its mark on a much broader scale. More and more people started watching the league and its popularity began to rise to levels never heard before. The structure was changed once again seven years later in 1981. This time the team’s under a conference were to have a geographical connection to the conference they played under. The Campbell conference was then assigned teams that were from the west of the country.
That re-structuring once again worked to perfection and the league started to go global. A lot of work was still needed to be done to make turn it into a global phenomenon and that happened with the appointment of Gary Bettman as NBA’s commissioner at the start of the 1990’s. Bettman had a vision and that vision was to take NBA to every part of the world and turn it into one of the most watched sports. For that he knew the league structure had to be revamped to make it easier for overseas fans to understand. The names of both conferences were changed and the Campbell Conference was now the Western Conference.
Both conferences now consisted of three divisions with five teams under each division. The western conference had the Pacific, Southwest and Northwest divisions under its umbrella. That did the trick and NBA scaled new heights to reach every part of the world. The league will once again revert back to four divisions per conference starting 2013-2014 campaign.
The NBA western conference quarterfinals will be high pressured games between some of the best teams in the country. This is when the going gets tough and the tough gets going in earnest. Book your NBA western conference quarterfinals tickets and catch all the action live.

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