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MMA, a combat sport that is among the best and most popular in the world is coming back for its latest installment. The sport has grown, especially in the past few years to become a direct rival for professional wrestling and other combat sports. Book your MMA tickets as it comes roaring down for another dose of pulsating action.
Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, can trace its roosts back to the days of the ancient Olympics when unarmed combatants took part in Pankration, a full combat sport. In the first part of the 1900’s different other fighting events were held at various parts of the globe. The sport captured the attention of the mainstream audience in the 1920’s when the Vale Tudo started to become popular in Brazil. Vale Tudo events became ever so popular and started to attract a lot of attention among the masses. The sport came to the U.S. in 1993 when the famous Brazilian’s the Gracie Family imported it to these shores. That one move paid off spectacularly and the sports popularity simply sky rocketed.
To promote the game properly the Gracie’s formed Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC in short as the sports governing body. Vale Tudo was a dangerous type of fighting style so to make it more accessible and digestible for the general public certain new rules were put in place. The changes included incorporation of nine weight categories as well as the introduction of gloves with open fingers. On top of that a time limit was also put in place so that the action didn’t drag on making the fight stale. Those modifications gave it a very diverse and expansive fan base which in turn played a big part in taking it to the next level in 2006. That year Chuck Liddell, the UFC light heavyweight champion took over Tito Ortiz an ex champion. That event received so much attention that it became one of the most sought after pay per view events of the year.
 Next year saw UFC buy Japan’s Pride FC which brought fighters from both companies under one banner. With some of the best in the business now under one roof there was no stopping MMA from breaking old records and setting new ones. It did just that four years later on 30th April, 2011. The event to be held on that date was UFC 129 and it established a new MMA attendance record with fifty five thousand seven hundred and twenty four fans turning up to catch it live.
MMA has witnessed staggering growth in the past two decades. From Gracie Family bringing it to North America to the UFC incorporating new rules and regulations to make it more acceptable to fans, every move has worked a treat. If you are looking for some pulsating in ring action then buy MMA tickets to be a part of one such event.

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