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The pride of American rock music, Maroon 5 and Train, are ready to take you through the journey of their classic creations. Not all music events bring lifetime attractions like these together on a single stage. While Maroon 5 is known for enchanting the audiences with their award-winning tunes, Train is renowned for making the spectators dance enthusiastically to their superb tracks. The tremendous popularity and commercial success of both the bands can be attributed to their astounding backgrounds and uphill struggle for success. The touring activities of Maroon 5 and the mind-blowing melodies composed by Train have remained all the rage in the music world since the 90’s.

Originally recognized as Kara’s Flower in 1997, the band later established as Maroon 5 and included leading stars like James Valentine in the band. Maroon 5 has given the world some of the most incredible tunes to cherish. Their Grammy-Award winning songs like, “She Will Be Loved”, are still heard and recreated by different artists at their performances. Their debut album, Songs About Jane , became a worldwide hit by selling more than 2 million copies in 2004. It proved to be a sensational hit that determined the superb skills of band members, Adam Levine, Matt Flyn and Mickey Madden . This multi platinum album was earnestly showcased at several concerts in Los Angeles and NYC. “Harder to Breathe” became one of the most liked tracks of the fans and it topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Other than the US Music chart, this masterpiece by Maroon 5 was honored with various French, Australian and Brazilian awards as well. Maroon 5’s presence at the Live 8 concert turned out to be magnificent. This world class music event featured more than a thousand musicians and was covered by 180 TV and Radio channels across the world. Maroon 5 brilliantly thrilled the audiences with their instrumentation and dance moves at once.

Maroon 5 is a rare exception that never stops its touring activities and keeps providing its fans with something more valuable to remember. In 2007, the band staged fabulous series of concerts under the "Six-Date Club Tour". In this tour, the band performed at reasonably smaller venues in Miami, Boston, Los Angeles and New York City. Soon after this, they embarked on It Won’t Be Soon Before Long world tour to promote their second album, which became a chartbuster and recorded the sale of 101,000 albums.

Train has delighted the music aficionados with superb hits like, “Calling All Angels” and “Marry Me”. Owing to their tremendous music skills, this band has been nominated for more than eight Grammy Awards and has won three of them justly. Save Me, San Francisco is amongst their most triumphant creations that established Train as a leading rock band. Hey Soul Sister became the most popular and commercially successful song from the album. It is recognized as the best selling song in the history of Columbia Records and is largely responsible for the overwhelming success of Train. The former band members, Brandon Bush, Rob Hotckiss, and Charlie Colin shaped Train’s image as a perfect band that is well aware of the significance of lyrical themes and well balanced rhythm in tracks. The current members have continued the legacy and over the years, their live performances with leading artists have gained massive appreciation from the critics.

Their outstanding tunes have enthralled all those who have heard them on radio, TV and downloaded their songs over the internet; however, watching these brilliant stars perform live on stage can prove to be a lifetime experience for everyone. For those who are increasingly fond of attending mega musical concerts, must gear up to grab their Maroon 5 Train tickets as both the bands are all set to make history in their upcoming show.

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