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Before the advent of big budget Hollywood movies being screened in movie theaters and a never-ending barrage of television shows being broadcasted right into the homes of the average citizen, the most anticipated entertainment for the ordinary townsfolk, especially across the US, was the circus. Though the electronic age of the twentieth century opened up the possibilities and boundaries of visual and auditory entertainment, it downplayed the attraction for the travelling circuses to the extent of driving them out of business. However, more than three-and-a-half decades ago, the Big Apple Circus revived the classical tradition of the single-stage, circular tent event, developing endearing performances and acts that have kept successive generations of patrons coming back again and again. And you can find out why by getting some Big Apple Circustickets right now.

Though the tradition of the "one ring" circus had virtually become extinct in the US after the introduction and proliferation of the multiple ring configuration, typically the three ring kind for luring in larger and larger number of paying customers, the single circular tent based style had prevailed in Europe. In the mid-seventies, Paul Binder and Michael Christensen, a comedic juggling duo, joined the French Nouveau Cirque de Paris and after becoming well versed with the ins and outs of putting on a respective show, returned to US and developed the Big Apple Circus in collaboration with the New York School for Circus Arts in 1977.

Over the decades, the Big Apple Circus , taking its name from the famous New York moniker, has incorporated many unique features and novel acts into their repertoire. After enthralling thousands of New Yorkers through its Damrosch Park show and spring and summer tours around the environs of the city at the onset of the '80s, the Big Apple Circus started winning much deserved accolades. A S ilver Medal win at Paris's Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 1982 and an OBIE Award reception the following year asserted the circus's universal appeal.

Adhering to its 34 year tradition, the Big Apple Circus is again putting on a new show for the 2011-2012 season. Dream Big! gives its audiences a an opportunity to behold around ten individual acts spanning 2 hours and entailing performers from countries such as Bulgaria, Chine, Kenya, Ethiopia and Mongolia. The Chinese Shadong Acrobatic Troupe will astound you with their human balancing antics and Dmitry Chernov will amaze you with his orb juggling prowess. Melain Chy will simply blow you away with her hand balancing and graceful contortions where as the much loved Barry Lubin as Grandma and Scott & Muriel will amuse and astound you to no end, the later having been crowned as the "World Champions of Magic" a decade ago.

With a team of highly experienced and award winning choreographers, lighting and sound engineers and composers, the Big Apple Circus blends masterful technical skill with artful physical feats and theatrical vigor to create a truly memorable spectacle. So book your Big Apple Circustickets now for taking a huge bite out of a juicy phenomenon that will hold you spellbound throughout.

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