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Rock and Alternative Rock music has the power to indulge the audience in its rhythm, and attracts people belonging to all races and languages. This power is seen to be used at its maximum when this music genre is played by the maestros, like Better Than Ezra.
American Alternative Rock band Better Than Ezra was founded in 1988 and is currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana . The band is now a trio, and comprises of Tom Drummond, Kevin Griffin and Michael Jerome . For tour support, James Arthur Payne joins the band as well. In 1988 when the band was formed, it was a venture of four friends from Louisiana State University , namely Joel Rundell, Kevin Griffin, Tom Drummond and Cary Bonnecaze . The band debuted at Murphy’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with their first much appreciated public performance. The name was decided by the founder members who have always refused to disclose the real story behind this name.
The first release by the band was a demo cassette titled “ Chimes Street Demo” . It was not an official release and therefore even today the fans keep it as a collectable item. The first official release by the band was an album titled “ Surprise ” that was released in 1990. The album was a success, but was followed by an unfortunate incident for the band when in the same year their lead guitarist Joel Rundell committed suicide. The incident came as a setback for the establishing band, and the remaining three members could not perform together for some months before reuniting towards the end on the year. Better Than Ezra was reorganized and revived soon, and it took off for the greater success in early 1990s.
“Deluxe” was the album released by the band for the first time on nationwide level in 1993. The album established the band’s identity as an upcoming rock sensation, pushing up their popularity graph. The album was released by Swell Records , their own indie label, but was released again after two years in 1995 by Elektra Records . A track from the album titled “ Good ” became so popular that it was ranked at number one position on Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts. The album was rated Platinum by RIAA towards the end on 1995. Often commented by the band leader, the band’s success climbed the heights very quickly once they released their first nationwide release, and it looked like the days of obscurity for Better Than Ezra were over.
In 1996, another one of the founder member, Cary Bonnecaze left the band and a new member Travis McNabb joined in. McNabb was previously a part of the band Vigilantes of Love . The time that followed shortly after Bonnecaze’s departure was a little difficult for the band, as the departing member filed many lawsuits against the band. Nevertheless, Better Than Ezra came out of these troubles soon after a settlement was reached between the band and Bonnecaze. The same year the band released their new album titled “ Friction, Baby”. “King of New Orleans” and “ Desperately Wanting ” were two of the greatest hits that were included in the new album. The album as a whole could not do as good a business as its predecessor, but managed to sell over 500,000 copies worldwide.
Subsequent releases by the band were also much appreciated by the public, and by the end of the decade the band was included among the top of the line alternative rock bands in the industry. Many of their songs released later reached top positions on International charts, especially from the albums Before the Robots, Closer and Paper Empire . Michael Jerome replaced Travis McNabb in 2009, as the latter wanted to focus on bluegrass music and return to another band named Sugarland . McNabb left the band on a good note, and had no controversies or grudges with the remaining members. His replacement, Jerome, proved to be a great addition to Better Than Ezra, and the band continues to rule the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.
For an ultimate musical experience, grab your Better Than Ezra Tickets soon, as it is going to be an experience you are sure to remember for a very long time!

Band Members
Kevin Griffin
Tom Drummond
Travis McNabb
James Arthur Payne (tour support)
Old Members
Cary Bonnecaze
Joel Rundell
Latest Hits
desperately wanting
feat dj swamp
under you
our last
it was good
happy endings
our last night
in the blood

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