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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy , who plays swing jazz music, is coming to perform live! Some of the instruments they use are saxophones, violins and clarinets. The best part about the band is that most of their music is on a faster pace. This gives the chance to the audience to dance as much as they can. Each and every track contains something different and unique. The band gives the spectators a club like feel throughout the show but again the instruments are being played live. This adds to the awesomeness of the show. Hurry up and get your Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Ticket today!

Band Members
Scotty Morris
Kurt Sodergren
Dirk Shumaker
Andy Rowley
Glen “The Kid” Marhevka
Karl Hunter
Joshua Levy
Anthony Bonsera
Alex Henderson

For over two decades, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has been spreading its magic throughout the world by producing upbeat and captivating music. One of the few established contemporary swing revival bands in the country, Big Bad Voodoo has enthralled millions of audiences across the continent. Their music has enjoyed widespread success. The band's unique take on the swing genre has struck the right chords with the audiences especially with the swing fans. With hits like "Mr. Pinstripe Suit", "You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight" and "Go Daddy-O", the band has managed to win millions of heats. In 1999, Big Bad Voodoo also earned the honor to play at the 'Half Time Show' during "Super Bowl". Currently the group comprises of 'Joshua Levy' on piano, 'Karl Hunter' on clarinet and saxophones, 'Glen Marhevka' on trumpet, 'Andy Rowley' on baritone saxophone, 'Dirk Shumaker' on double bass, 'Kurt Sodergren' on drums and 'Scotty Morris' on guitars and lead vocals. The band continues to focus on creating the swing magic of the forties and fifties. If you love swing music and want to witness a spellbinding live evening with your loved ones then quickly grab Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tickets and indulge in a riveting musical journey.
Hailing from Southern California, the Big Bad Voodoo was initially established in 1989. Scotty Morris along with Kurt Sodergren laid the foundation of the band while other members joined later. Scotty had been a part of several alternative and punk rock groups during the eighties. After joining hands with Kurt, the duo managed to release their eponymous debut album in 1994. The forty-minute album comprised of songs such as 'Machine Gun', 'King of Swing', '13 Women' and 'Jumpin' Jack'. Their second album "Watchu' Want for Christmas?", released three years later in 1997, produced chart breaking singles that instantly grabbed the audience's attention. Three of the songs from the album including "Go Daddy O", "I Wan'na Be: Like You" and "You & Me & The Bottle Makes Three" were all featured in "Swingers", a famous comedy drama series of the nineties. The success of the album resulted in a contract with the 'Capitol Records'. In 1998, the band released their third music album "American Deluxe" under the new label. The album was again well received by fans and music critics for its fresh sound and catchy music. The following year Big Bad Voodoo released another studio album "This Beautiful Life" as well as produced an opening theme song for the hit comedy show "3rd Rock From the Sun".
Since 2000, the Big Bad Voodoo has released four studio albums including "How Big Can You Get? The Music of Cab Calloway" (2009), "Everything You Want for Christmas" (2004) and "Save My Soul" (2003). Their latest album "Rattle Them Bones" was released in 2012. The new album comprises of magical music numbers such as "Diga Diga Doo", "The Jitters", "Let It Roll Again", "Devil's Dance" and "Its Lonely At The Top". The band has also made frequent television appearances including at the "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Dancing With the Stars". The group has also performed several Pop shows for various orchestras such as the 'Atlanta Symphony Orchestra', the 'San Francisco Orchestra' and the 'Los Angeles Philharmonic'. Apart from this, the Big Bad Voodoo has played for the 'ESPN Network' as a house band for the ESPY Awards. In 2006, the group gave a memorable performance at the 'Capital One Bowl' event. The band has also recorded songs for films including "Disney's Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation Special" and the "Wild".
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy are renowned for their vibrant and energetic stage performances that sway the audiences. Their fast-paced swing music and high-energy showmanship keeps the crowd going. The band continues to tour across the country, alluring masses from every corner of the world. This season, the Big Bad Voodoo will be headlining throughout North America as the band promotes their latest album. In order to catch the band members as they embrace the stage to deliver yet another mesmerizing live show, the audience can simply get their hands on the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tickets to enjoy a swinging musical night. 

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tickets bring to you an exciting concert by the modern swing band. The band is best known for its popular singles Go Daddy-O, You & Me & the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight and Mr. Pinstripe Suit. Based in Southern California the band has been giving catchy, up-tempo party music and passionate live performances to its fans since the time it arrived on the music scene. Their lively concerts have the crowd swinging to the beats of cheerful music and the energetic sounds of jazz.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is known for its contribution to the revival of the swing music that found appreciation with the 90s generation. It was formed by Scotty Morris who is the lead vocalist. The inspiration behind the name of the band was an autograph signed by Albert Collins in which he referred to Scotty as the big bad voodoo daddy. Scotty was intrigued by the name and liked it to the extent that when it came to having a name for the band he straightaway went ahead with it.
Before that Scotty remained part of punk and alternative rock bands. It was in 1989 that the band came together when Kurt Sodergren joined Scotty to follow their passion for music. The two are the original members while the others joined the band later. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy started playing at local places in Los Angeles. Together with Kurt, Scotty came up with a label Big Bad Records and under the label they released their first music venture as a band. They released two albums namely the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Watchu' Want for Christmas? Though two albums were local hits but they did not get the band much attention.
The big break for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came in 1996 when their songs made the soundtrack of the hit movie Swingers. The attention that came their way opened new doors. With it soon they became famous and went on to sign with Capitol Records. In 1998, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy released their third studio album, titled Americana Deluxe which is more commonly known as the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy album because of the term written on its cover. The album had all the songs that made the soundtrack of Swingers and made the band popular.  The album went on to be a platinum selling album and it also got the band a Grammy nomination.  A year later they came up with another impressive album titled, This Beautiful Life.
Over the years, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has released several significant albums. Initially the band focused on the swings of the 40s and 50s dressing up in suit to capture the feel of the era. Having a love for big band music the traces of such influences can be found in their body of work.  Incorporating various elements of jazz and classical American sounds the band soon made a niche for itself and contributed in initiating the new era of swing in the 90s.
The band has been on various tours throughout its music career. It has also performed at various high profile sports events that include the 1999 Super Bowl.  With time they have continued to grow musically expanding their horizon to take the music beyond a particular era. Extending their music horizons has also extended the fan base.
With their eighth album titled How Big Can You Get the band continues with the legacy of giving positive and energetic music to its fans. Today the nine members who make the band continue to bring party music to their fans that love to attend their energetic concerts where it is hard not to dance. If you want to be part of the party that their concerts bring then make sure you have Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tickets with you before they sell out.

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