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In recent US history, few events have withstood the rolling tide of successive generations and changing traditions and served as the linchpin for the populace of a certain region. The Wisconsin State Fair is one such annual congregation of the denizens of the states of Wisconsinand Illinois. It is organized in the Wisconsin State Fair Park located in the city of West Allis in Milwaukee County. Festivities kick off typically in August and last for ten to eleven days, featuring a host of events entailing popular carnival rides, performances by music bands, animal and agricultural exhibits and a suite of food stalls.
Having sprung up a little more than a century earlier, the Wisconsin State Fair’s host city of West Allis is home to some twenty-eight thousand odd middle-class households. Lying in the metropolitan area of Greater Milwaukee, the city derived its name from the founder of Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing, Edward P. Allis. Initially more of a travelling carnival, the State Fair found permanent lodgings in the Dairy Bowl football stadium in 1891, now simply referred to as the Wisconsin State Fair Park.
Having a spread of 100 acres, the Wisconsin State Fair park’s grounds were originally farmland owned by one George Stevens. The Fairgrounds got their true patriotic colors by serving as the staging area for Camp Harvey, the training field for military regiments during both the World Wars as well as the Spanish-American War. The State Fair Park’s grounds have past lives in Native American history as having cradled Indian effigy mounds going back a thousand years and housing pre-historic artifacts dating 8000 BC.
The year that the world became witness to the first member of its community stepping on to the moon also became synonymous in the State Fair Park’s legacy, albeit for a different kind of “Rock” landing. In the days leading up to the 1969 Wisconsin State Fair, the Midwest Rock Festival was held in the State Fair grounds, featuring Led Zepplin, Jef Beck, Jethro Tull as well as a number of other Rock acts.
Clocking up to a million visitors each year, the Wisconsin State Fair is a one stop annual destination for the whole family. Carnival rides such as “Freak Out” and “Kamikaze” dares the devil inside of you to be hurled around more viciously than a fishing boat in a storm. The Grandstand Main Stage showcases a gallery of headline musical performances throughout the State Fair’s duration. A food centered extravaganza is the mainstay of the State Fair. Featuring the trademark Cream Puffs as well as a varied assortment of gluten-free vegetable, fruit and lean meat delights, it caters to the gastronomical fancies of the hordes of hungry festival attendees. Surprise attractions are also in store for the attendees, such as the 6700 square foot Dinosaur simulation exhibit that opened a virtual portal to an eerie world that had dominated the very grounds of the venue millions of years ago. So get your Wisconsin State Fair Tickets now to let the fun and frolic craving freak inside of you on the loose.

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