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The Wisconsin Badgers are truly the pride of the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Whether its football, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, track and field, rowing, ice hockey, cross country or swimming, the Badgers have performed tremendously in any sport that has come their way. They have a total of 23 Varsity teams and whenever you see red and white, you know the Badgers are around! The Badgers are so brilliant that they have managed to win 28 National Championships till now, attracting fans from all over the country to watch them play. At times, their matches are completely sold out and Wisconsin Badgers tickets are extremely hard to find!For Event Schedule and available tickets for Wisconsin Badgers please click Buy

The current athletic director is Barry Alvarez, ex- head coach of the football team. The Badgers team colors are cardinal and white, and its mascot is named "Buckingham U. Badger", referred to as "Bucky Badger".

Team Name Origin

The nickname "Badgers" was borrowed from the state of Wisconsin. The territory was dubbed the "Badger State" not because of an association with lead miners in the 1820s. Prospectors came to the state looking for minerals, and without shelter in the winter, and had to "live like badgers" in tunnels burrowed into hillsides.


The most famous Wisconsin varsity team in recent years is the football team. Wisconsin's football program has been among the most successful in the Big Ten since the early 1990s, when the head coach Barry Alvarez was hired. Under Alvarez, the Badgers won 3 Rose Bowls and 3 Big Ten Championships. Following the 2005 season, Alvarez' last year as coach, the Badgers beat the Auburn Tigers in the Capital One Bowl, one of the most prominent of the non-BCS bowls. In 2006, Bret Bielema took over as head coach and posted a 12-1 record, defeating Arkansas in the Capital One Bowl 17-14. The Badgers are 9-8 in bowl games, including victories in nine of their last 13. This is the 12th bowl appearance in the past 14 seasons for Wisconsin, including a school record-tying five straight.

The Badger football program boasts two Heisman Trophy winners. Fullback Alan Ameche won the Heisman in 1954, and recently, running back Ron Dayne won the trophy in 1999, now plays for the NFL's Houston Texans.The Wisconsin Badgers football team plays their home games at Camp Randall Stadium. The student section at Camp Randall is considered by many to be one of the best in all of college football. The University of Wisconsin Marching Band performs its famous 5th Quarter after every game.

Men's Basketball

The Badgers have developed into one of the biggest Big Ten's basketball powerhouses in recent years. Wisconsin has made it to the Final Four twice in its history most recently in 2000, and before that in 1941, when they won the National Championship. The Badgers have also attended the NCAA tournament for the last nine seasons (1999-2007). Wisconsin tied for first place in the Big Ten in the 2001-02 season along with Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio State. In 2002-03 the Badgers won the Big Ten outright, but then lost in the quarterfinals. In the NCAA Tournament, Wisconsin lost to Kentucky in the Sweet 16. In 2003-04, they finished second in the Big Ten. They went on to win the Big Ten Tournament, the only time they have won since the beginning of the tournament in 1998.

However, the Badgers lost to #3-seeded Pittsburgh in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. In the 2004-05 season Wisconsin finished third in the Big Ten. In the 2005 NCAA Tournament, Wisconsin moved to the Elite Eight by defeating #11 seed Northern Iowa, #14 seed Bucknell, and #10 seed North Carolina State. In 2005-2006 the Badgers had a disappointing season ending in a blowout loss to Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals, and another blowout loss to Arizona in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Ice Hockey

The Badgers made history in 2006 when both the men and women's hockey teams were crowned NCAA Division I National Champions. This was the first time ever that the same school won both the men's and women's crowns. The men's team had previously won the National Championship five times – 1973, 1977, 1981, 1983, and 1990 and considered to be national championship contenders.The Badger men won their sixth National Championship on April 8, 2006, at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, with a 2-1 victory over Boston College.

National championships

Through the Winter 2007 sports season, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has won 26 NCAA national championships. They occurred in the following sports:
* Boxing: 1939, 1942, 1943, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1954, 1956
* Men's Basketball: 1941
* Men's Cross Country: 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988, 2005
* Women's Cross Country: 1984, 1985
* Men's Ice Hockey: 1973, 1977, 1981, 1983, 1990, 2006
* Women's Ice Hockey: 2006, 2007
* Men's Indoor Track & Field: 2007
* Men's Soccer: 1995The Wisconsin Badgers are a multiplicity of collegiate athletic teams from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This NCAA Division I athletic program has teams in football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, soccer, cross country, tennis, swimming, wrestling, track and field, golf, and softball. They have several major on-campus facilities, including Camp Randall Stadium, the UW Field House, and the Kohl Center. The Badgers compete in the Big Ten Conference in all sports except men and women's ice hockey.

The badgers are a true representation of real sportsmanship, spirit of the game and professionalism, all at the same time. Their fan following is absolutely unparalleled as more and more people join the Badgers' rally with every passing day. Their mascot, 'Bucky Badger', is just as popular as the team itself and has become the Wisconsin Badgers' identity of sorts. Watching the Badgers play is an extremely fulfilling experience for any sports fan so if you want to find out what we are really talking about, get your Wisconsin Badgers Tickets right away!

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