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Belonging from Chicago, Illinois, Wilco is a band that has gone through its share of ups and downs before becoming what they are today. Formed in the year 1994, Wilco has had numerous changes in their line up, with bassist John Stirratt and Jeff Tweedy being the only members of the band from the original line up remaining today. With more than seven albums out on the market, along with a double live record, the band is widely believed to be one of the leading rock groups of the country. Their music revolves mostly around the genres of experimental rock, folk rock, alternative country and alternative rock. The band is known for their electrifying live performances, which never fail to thoroughly entertain the audience. Now these talented musicians are ready to hit the stage once again on their upcoming series of shows and tickets are running out fast!
Wilco the band came alive from the remaining members of Uncle Tupelo, which was a popular alternative country music band. The group broke up and its remaining member, Jeff Tweedy sought to make up another group. He managed to get the full roster of Uncle Tupelo to come together, including multi instrumentalist, Max Farrarr, drummer Ken Coomer, guitarist Brian henneman and bassist John Stirratt. The band titled themselves Wilco, a short form of “Will Comply,” which was a commercial and military aviation radio voice acronym. The current members of the band include Glenn Kotche on the drums, Mikael Jorgensen and Pat Sansone as multi instrumentalists, and Nels Cline as the lead guitars, along with the original two members of the band, Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt. The band has gained inspiration from numerous bands and artists, such as Television, Bill Fay and many more as well.
In the year 1994, Wilco worked on a collaboration with Syd Straw on The T. B is Whipping Me , which was the cover of Ernest Tubb’s song, and went on to become a moderate success. Shortly afterward, the group set to work on their debut full length studio album. A demo tape of the their recording was given to a recording label called Reprise Records, who were a subsidiary of Warner Bro. Records. The group managed to get a contract from the label and released the album, which was titled A.M. The album went on to become a major hit, peaking at the number 27 on the Billboard Heat seekers chart, as well as being ranked 34 th in the Pazz and Jop poll by Village Voice in the year 1995. Soon after their debut record hit the markets, the band had an addition in their line up, when Jay Bennett became part of the group, providing them with a new guitarist and a keyboard player.
On the 17 th of November, 1994, Wilco gave their first ever live performance at St. Louis’ Cicero’s Basement Bar to a capacity crowd. The audience loved their performance, and the band gained a large amount of fan following as a result of the show. Soon, the band began to record their second album, which was titled Being There. It was released on the 29 th of October, 1996 and became a major success. The following year, Wilco again started to work on an album, which was inspired mostly from the marriage problems of Tweedy. The album was named Summerteeth and was issued on the 23 rd of June, 1998. It managed to sell more than 277,000 copies and gained raving reviews from Rolling Stone magazine, in addition for being a nominee at the Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album.
Wilco has been nominated for and won various awards and honors such as the Shortlist Music Awards, Wired Rave Awards and the Grammy Awards. Now the band is all set to blow away their fans at their upcoming exciting performances. If you too want to be part of their latest shows, then wait no more and get hold of the best Wilco tickets only from us, and prepare for a rocking experience!

Wilco is a phenomenal American rock band, an outfit that has smashed through the world of rock and roll, proclaiming themselves the very best in their genre. These are pioneers who are behind a unique style of music that has influenced other bands and been adopted by many. Wilco hails from the city of Chicago within the state of Illinois and is an alternative rock band. Its music also contains influences of alternative country music, experimental rock music and folk rock music. This results in a mashup that is one of a kind and songs that are heard best live by making use of spectacular Wilco Tickets. This band has been active since way back in 1994, and is as enchanting as they were back then. This band’s music is also fresh and original; the same old tune isn’t repeated again and again. Each and every album features new music with the band experimenting with new styles.
Wilco has been associated with many other acts including Uncle Tupelo, Billy Bragg, Loose Fur and The Minus 5. today, Wilco’s lineup includes Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Nels Cline, Glenn Kotche, Pat Sansone and Mikael Jorgensen. To date, Wilco’s discography consists of eight different studio albums, a live album and three collaborative albums, one with the band, The Minus 5 and two with the artist, Billy Bragg. It was formed by members of the alternative country band, Uncle Tupelo, with its first album released in 1995 and titled as A.M. Thus, Wilco’s music is bound to not only please rock fans but also fans of superb country music as the band is well known for its using elements from both genres. Wilco’s best album to date, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, had sales around seven hundred thousand. They have also won two Grammy Awards, a Wired Rave Award and two Shortlist Music Award nominations.

Band Members
John Bell
John “JoJo” Hermann
Todd Nance
Domingo S. Ortiz
Dave Schools
Jimmy Herring
Old Members
Michael Houser
George McConnell
T Lavitz
All Time Hits
Dog song
boom boom boom
‘hot in herre’

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