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The South and West comes together to create a story worth remembering-The Wicked. The land of OZ has a tale to tell, the story of Wicked Witch from the West. The storyline is about witches and is told by witches too. Elphaba, the future wicked witch from the West is trying to find her true place in this world. She is somehow a witch that everyone loves to hate but she has more to offer. There is a side to her personality that no one has seen before until she becomes friends with Glinda, Good Witch from the South. The witches didn’t hit it off quite well in the beginning and things got worse when they fell in love with the same guy.

What made these odds meet? What changed their friendship? Who got the guy in the end? To find out, you have to watch one of the longest running Broadway musicals in the history. Wicked has been equally popular in Broadway and West End theatres. It has broken many records, grossing the highest returns in the US and UK. The musical has won many awards for its orchestrations, book lyrics and music including the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical. Wicked has a memorable album featuring songs like, Defying Gravity, I am not that Girl, Dancing through Life and No one Mourns the Wicked. The audiences of Buffalo just got lucky as they can enjoy the true essence of Wicked by getting their Wicked Buffalo tickets now!

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