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The War Horse, one of the most amazing musicals of all time is galloping towards Broadway to dish up another dose of on theater excellence. In just a few years since its debut, this epic musical has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the globe. The way the bond between a young boy and his beloved horse has been captured in the play is nothing short of exceptional. So fans book your War Horse Broadway Tickets and make your way to the arena to catch this wonderful heartwarming story live.

If you are craving for an incredible theatrical production then you should grab your War Horse Tickets right away. Full of emotions and trill this play is surely going to dazzle you with its superb story and amazing life size horse puppets. Based on Michael Morpurgo’s best-selling novel of 1982, War Horse, this play is certainly a feast for children, as well as for adults. Nick Stafford adapted this play for stage, turning it in to an incredible theater production.

You must not confuse it with an ordinary puppet show because this play has given a new dimension to the traditional puppet work. With its amazing props, stage setting, lights and sound this play is something which you have never perienced before. War Horse features the story of Albert’s horse Joey, who was sold to cavalry and shipped to France . The horse serves in British and German Army, get be-friends with Topthorn, who is another horse. Joey gets mired in enemy fire, faces disease and death when fate takes him to an astonishing odyssey. Play demonstrates an extraordinary emotional appeal. Showing Albert, who is still unable to forget his horse and is not even old enough to enlist in army, but is determined to find Joey and bring him home to Devon .

The play’s Broadway and West End productions are directed by Tom Morris and Marianne Elliott, and the incredible horse choreography which is done by Toby Sedgwick. War Horse did its premiere in South Bank, London at Royal National Olivier Theatre on 17 th October, 2007. The show became such a success among audience that it ran till 14 th February, 2008. After giving this completely packed season, War Horse gave a second run which started on 10 th September, 2008 and ended on 18 th , March, 2009. The play received a formal opening at West End 's New London Theatre on 3 rd April, 2009, featuring Kit Harington as Albert who had also played this role in War Horse’s 2008 production of South Bank. This production also featured the original score of the play, which was composed by John Tams. Handspring Puppet Company provided the production with their most critically acclaimed life-size horse puppets. These puppets were created by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones.

Being one of the most popular productions, War Horse has been very popular among audience; in West End it broke records for the highest weekly gross for a play. Millions of people from all over come to watch this play. HM Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip made their first private visit to theater in four years and watched War Horse on 12 th October, 2009. Then the play was showcased on Broadway's Vivian Beaumont Theatre on 15 th March, 2011 and was opened on April 14 th . The American cast of War Horse was combined with the British creative team, and together they produced the most remarkable theatrical work.

In this amazing production, Seth Numrich played the role of Albert, with Stephen Plunkett as Nicholls, T. Ryder Smith as Arthur Narracott, Peter Hermann as Friedrich Muller, Matt Doyle as Billy Narracott and Alyssa Bresnahan as Rose Narracott. The production proved to be an instant success which was, as reported by The New York Times, extended into and open- ended run after considering the audience demand. War Horse has been spreading its magic all over the place; in February 2012 the production is expected to open in Toronto , Canada , at Princess of Wales Theatre, and also at Ahmanson Theatre of Los Angeles. Due to its extraordinarily captivating plot and amazing audience response, the play was also adapted as a film, which was directed by Steven Spielberg. Lee Hall and Richard Curtis worked on its screen play along with Steven Spielberg and the film was finally shot in England .

War Horse has been a great success throughout. The play has received Evening Standard Award for the Best Design in 2007, for its London production. It has also won the Critics' Circle Theatre Award of 2007 for the Best Designer. In 2008, Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones received the Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Set Design and Toby Sedgwick received Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Theatre Choreographer. Apart from that the play has been nominated for several other awards as well. This award-winning smash hit has given us several sold-out seasons, so don’t expect that it will be easy for you to get your War Horse Tickets. Hurry up and grab your share of War Horse Tickets before they are sold out!

The War Horse has won biggest awards and widespread audience acclaim. In just half a decade the musical has gone on to set new standards in theatrical excellence. The bar has been raised and now it’s up to the rest to follow suit. The accolades have kept on pouring in from different quarters and the trend will continue for a long time to come. So grab discount tickets for War Horse and experience this very special play that will surely remain in your memory for a long time to come.


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