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The music industry has been blessed with some of the music iconic and popular personalities in the history. Some of these personalities have been around for decades and have been mesmerizing audiences with their talents and gifts. One of these personalities is Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez. The artist is dubbed the king of the Ranchera music genre throughout the Latin world. Considering his popularity, it would be quite safe to assume that his upcoming Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas NV event would be one of his best ones yet.

Vicente Fernandez was born on the 17 th of February in the year 1940. He hails from the city of Jalisco in the country of Mexico. He has been actively producing music ever since the year 1968 and has been responsible for a total of fifty one albums that have been certified as multi-platinum, platinum or gold in accordance with their sales. His history and fame landed him the prestigious star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has also been awarded with numerous awards recognizing his contribution to the world of music. He has, over his long and illustrious career, sold over fifty million copies of his albums around the globe. With around thirty five years of experience in the music world, Vicente Fernandez knows how to dazzle his audiences with his exceptional singing. The Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas NV show promises to be one of the best nights that you will ever experience in your life and is one you should not miss at all costs. Buy your Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas NV Tickets today.

Vicente Fernandez Gomez is one of the best ranchero artists of all times. With career spanning well over 40 years, he has released more than 50 studio albums, winning prestigious awards along the way, including a Grammy Award . His concerts are unique as he sings till his audiences, who adore him, tell him to stop. The man whose work philosophy is “As long as you keep applauding, I’ll keep singing” now comes to Sin City under the touring title Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas.
Vicente Fernandez was born in Jalisco, Mexico, where he lived on his father’s ranch. His romanticism with the culture and social norm of old Mexico perhaps developed at the early age, while still on the ranch. His mother would often take him to see movies, and he would often daydream of becoming a movie star. He however picked up guitar at the young age of eight and started copying various ranchero musicians of his times. He started to participate in local festivals and musical competitions. The feedback was positive and he decided to make music his full-time profession by the year 1960. However, it would take him another six years and countless hours of hard work and hardship to become a star.
In 1966, Sony Discos (formerly CBS Mexico) signed him up and his career took off. Ever since then he has never looked back. Undeniably, Fernandez has left an overwhelming impact on the Mexican music by keeping an old and forgotten tradition alive. He has done that with the release of his unforgettable albums like, Vicente Fernandez y las clasicas de Jose Alfredo Jimenez , El Charro Mexicano , Estatua De Marfil , Lobo Herido , Para Siempre , Un Mexicano en la Mexico , El Hombre Que Mas Te Amo , amongst many others.
He, however, never forgot about his love for the movies and actors and in 1971 released a movie, Tacos al Carbon . His first hit movie however was released in 1974 under the title, La Ley del Monte . In all these years he has worked in more than 40 movies, as an actor and singer. But ever since 1991 he has stopped working as an actor due to old age. Some of his more memorable movies have been, El Tahur , Todo un Hombre , Matar O Morir , Acorralado , El Macho , El cuatrero , and his last movie, Mi querido Viejo .

Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas concert is going to be one of its kind. So Las Vegans do you want to see and hear the best ranchero artist of all times? A man who can take you back into the glorious past of Mexico! A man who has often been compared with other legendary ranchero artists like Javier Solis, Jorge Negrete, and Jose Alfredo Jimenez! A man in charro! Well don’t wait than as Fernandez is notorious for performing at completely sold out venues. So before you are disappointed, buy your Vicente Fernandez Las Vegas tickets now!

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