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Salt Lake City has its fair share of celebrities. From musicians to actors and live performers, this state has produced them all. The city is not far behind in sports as well; in fact, is home to the very popular NBA team, Utah Jazz. Formed in 1974, the team plays for the Northwest Division and has so far won eight titles for it. Although Utah Jazz has yet to bag any major championship, their fan following is strong and their games see sold out attendance. The supporters are now buying Utah Jazz season tickets as the dates have been announced.

Basketball happens to be one of the four major sports in United States, which is why in terms of viewership, it one of the most watched sports all across the nation. With each year comes new excitement with National Basketball League’s regular season and not to mention, the pre and post season games as well. National Basketball League is the highest that it gets in United States when it comes to basketball, and with stakes that high and to earn the crown of being the National champions, all the teams ‘have’ to bring in their best game every year as they kick of their regular season. And following the expansion of the League, matches have only grown tougher and the bar of competitiveness has only increased.

National Basketball League boasts having some of the most talented basketball franchises that could be found anywhere in the world. NBA has always had its fair share of promising teams ever since its inception, and among the list of those promising teams is also the Utah Jazz. If we go back to its origin, then the franchise saw its foundation back in 1974 when the team was formed in New Orleans by the name of New Orleans Jazz. During their five seasons that the team played in New Orleans, the team faced a number of issues regarding their home ground and performance.

Moreover some wrong decisions as to the draft picks also added up to the injury. During their stay in New Orleans team didn’t really had its own Arena which is why initially they played their home games at the Loyola University Fieldhouse and later at the Louisiana Superdome. Both of the arenas weren’t well suited for a major league team. The team never had a winning season in New Orleans and their 1977-78 season was considered their best. 1978-79 was the last season that the team played in New Orleans, after that they moved to Salt Lake City in Utah.

After their move to Utah, the team kept its name the same and so the name Utah Jazz. Due to faulty marketing policies, Utah Jazz wasn’t able to make much of the financial gains after their move to Utah and in fact team’s financial condition even deteriorated for the first couple of seasons. And by the end of their 1980-81 season, the team still wasn’t able to post a winning season. The team saw its first bit of improvement over the past recent seasons during their 1982-83 season when the team finished the season with 30-52. Jazz started their following season with same unfavorable conditions, and at one point the team was rumored to be moving from Utah as well due to the financial crisis that the team’s ownership was facing. With the players like Rickey Green, Darrell Griffith, Mark Eaton, Jeff Wilkins and Adrian Dantley, the team managed to post their first winning season with the score of 45-37 and also took home its first Midwest Division title. The team made it to the playoffs for the first time and took their victory over Denver Nuggets only to be defeated by Phoenix Suns in the second round of the playoffs. Even though their season ended right there, but they surely gave hope to the fans for their future endeavors.

The team got it hands on the conference championship for the first time in 1997. During that season the team finished with the best franchise record of 64-18, and after winning yet another Divisional championship and their first conference championship, the team progressed to the NBA finals for the first time only to be defeated by Chicago Bulls in the finals. But before doing so, the team defeated the more experienced teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Houston Rockets to make it to the finals. The team repeated the history during its following year as well when they met Bulls in the finals yet again, losing to them once again.So far the team has taken home a total of eight division titles and two conference titles. Although they haven’t won NBA Championship just as yet but they surely have given hope to their fans and supporters for their bright future. Which is why if you’re planning to buy your Utah Jazz tickets to watch any game of their current season, you’ll surely be getting your money’s worth out of it.

Now is the right time to buy Utah Jazz tickets if you plan on attending their games since it’s hard to find tickets closer to the event. Jazz plays its home games at the EnergySolutions Arena and on game night the venue is buzzing with fans, all wearing the team colors – yellow, green, navy and gray. Have you got your Utah Jazz shirts out? The players are ready to hit the court and will be seen battling it out with LA Lakers and Miami Heat, both being tough sides. Come support the team at its upcoming games.

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