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The Utah Grizzlies are a spectacular ECHL team, hailing from West Valley City within the US state of Utah . This East Coast Hockey League team is a pro ice hockey team that can be found playing ice hockey within the Mountain Division of the Western Conference. The Utah Grizzlies were founded back in 1988 and call the Maverik Center home; the official colours of this team is green, copper, black and white. The Utah Grizzlies are owned by David Elmore and Donna Turtle with the team being coached by head coach Kevin Colley.

Within the NHL, this ECHL team is affiliated with the renowned Calgary Flames and within the American Hockey League, the AHL, the Abbotsford Heat are affiliates to the Utah Grizzlies. This is a franchise that has had many name changes over the course of several years and remains one of the most watched live franchises in the ECHL through Utah Grizzlies tickets.

The Utah Grizzlies, an East Coast Hockey League team affiliated with the Calgary Flames of the NHL, have gone through a number of name changes. This franchise has been known as the Virginia Lancers, Roanoke Valley Rebels, Roanoke Valley Rampage, Huntsville Blast, Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Macon Whoopee and Lexington Men O' War. The present name of the team has existed as of 2005. When it comes to championships, this is an ECHL franchise that has bagged many. It has won one Regular Season title, one Division Championship, one Conference and the Kelly Cup, the biggest title in the ECHL. This is a unique achievement for a team that is hardly two decades old in the ECHL and a feat that makes this a headline making team.

This pro ice hockey ECHL team, the Utah Grizzlies, is based in the state of Utah at West Valley City and calls the Maverik Center home. In the 2009 to 2010 season, this team managed to make the All Time Goal Record at one hundred and nineteen goals, a feat done by Ryan Kinasewich. This Kelly Cup winning team is home to many of the most talented players within the ECHL. It is also captained by the finest; at present its captain is Simon Ferguson and its head coach is Kevin Colley. With such an excellent staff behind it and such a highly talented roster of players, the Utah Grizzlies are one of the emerging heavyweights within the East Coast Hockey League set to make history.

This is an ECHL Kelly Cup winning team many have already seen live in action. It is a team that knows pro ice hockey at its best and is renowned for matches that showcase the best in pro ice hockey and sportsmanship; a team to be watched live in an arena through Utah Grizzlies tickets. The East Coast Hockey League, the ECHL, is one of three best known leagues in pro ice hockey in the US alongside the NHL and the AHL. Twenty six out of the total thirty NHL teams are affiliated with teams in the ECHL and a mind blowing four hundred and sixty nine ECHL players have gone on to play in NHL teams.


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