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Trey Anastasio is an incredible American artist who is best known as an incredible guitarist, a sensational vocalist and an unmatched composer. He is perhaps best known as being part of the famous rock band, Phish, and as part of this band he composed around one hundred and fifty two different songs out of which one hundred and forty were solo works composed by Trey Anastasio alone. Thus, Trey Anastasio made a name for himself in the world of music composers and is regarded as one of the best in the world or rock. But it is as a guitarist that this fabulous American artist is best known; Rolling Stone magazine ranks this legendary American guitarist as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In short, Trey Anastasio is one of the greatest guitarists this world has ever seen and a live concert by this guitar maestro is a must see through Trey Anastasio tickets.

This awesome American artist, Trey Anastasio, is responsible for composing around two hundred Phish songs as well as being one of the greatest guitarists ever. Trey Anastasio first developed an interest in music back when he was a teen when he played the drums first and then switched to the guitar. He grew up in Princeton within the state of New Jersey at the end of the sixties and on to the spectacular seventies. While studying at the Princeton Day School as a high school junior, he first began writing and composing songs. Some of his first songs included the Phish smash hit, Golgi Apparatus . He then went on to study at the Taft School where he formed his first bands, Space Antelope and Red Tide.

1978 saw Trey Anastasio live through what he calls a year that completely changed his life. He had the chance to watch King Crimson and Pat Metheny live and this was an experience that completely changed his life. After high school, he joined the University of Vermont and majored in Philosophy. At this university he met up with fellow Phish bandmates, Jon Fishman, Jeff Holdsworth and Mike Gordon and in 1983 the band Phish was formed. The first performances by this amazing band were covers of famous songs like Proud Mary and Long Cool Woman . At the same time, Trey Anastasio was also a radio host on campus on the early morning show, Ambient Alarm Clock.

Soon after, Marc Daubert joined Phish as a percussionist followed by pianist Page McConnell. Trey Anastasio also learned how to compose music from Ernie Stires and also attended the Goddard Community College . Here, he composed his first song, The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday . This was an incredible song cycle that made it into the Phish albums and became very popular. From the eighties onwards to 2004, Trey Anastasio played with Phish in a time when the band was at its peak and very popular all across the US . When Phish broke up in 2004, Trey Anastasio started his own solo career and went on tour. He also formed up a band alongside a New York band, Benevento/Russo Duo, and former Phish bandmate, Mike Gordon.

After Phish, Trey Anastasio was still popular and so went on any tours and performed at many venues all over the US . He was also part of many collaborations and bands as well as released his own solo albums that featured some of the most amazing rock music and guitar tunes ever heard. In 2007, he released yet another one of his instrumental albums, The Horseshoe Curves through a record label he had formed and also appeared alongside the Dave Mathews Band as a special guest performer while collaborating with the band in its song, Lie in Our Graves. He also toured with Phil Lesh & Friends followed by some amazing concerts featuring awesome Grateful Dead songs.

All in all, Trey Anastasio is a highly successful American artist who has made a name for himself as a master of the guitar as well as an amazing composer. He has even won a Jammy Award for Lifetime Achievement alongside Phish and released a larger number of albums. He has released around eight studio albums with the latest released in 2009, three live albums, four EPs and one DVD. In fact, if you are looking for some of America ‘s best rock and roll, all you need are Trey Anastasio tickets and your pockets and a trip to wherever this master guitarist happens to be playing.

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