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Tosca, the inventive combination of orchestration and dramatic force is gracing the theatres once again. It is one of the most popular Italian Operas seen in the history. This opera is a classic which was showcased for the first time in the theatres of Rome at the advent of twentieth century. It has been able to transcend other shows of its time, to last more than a century with its artistic genius. It is originally inspired from the French Original play, La Tosca by Victorien Sardou.

Giacomo Puccini saw this emotionally charged play La Tosca , while touring Italy and got so inspired from the story that he decided to turn it into an opera. Once he had his heart set on it, he didn’t take long to get the rights of the play. Once he got the rights of the play, it took him four cumbersome years to turn it into an opera which does justice to this excellently written play. He gave a hard time to his librettist and publisher to get exactly what he had in mind. His hard work paid off at the end as the show was an instant success right from its first show. It has been one of the longest running Italian operas and is still able to draw large audiences to be among the most frequent running operas.

The story is set during the period of Napolean’s regime in Rome and Italy. It revolves around the themes of suicide, torture and murder. The brilliantly composed lyrical arias of Puccini add to the power of the play, making it more a touching story. The story is about a political prisoner, Cesare Angelotti, who runs away from prisoner’s cell and takes refuge in a chapel. He tries to leave the chapel as soon as he senses that the police is no longer looking for him and stumbles upon his old friend Mario. While they are talking, Mario’s beloved Tosca gets suspicious about something unusual going on with Mario. Angelotti hides again and the story continues to unfold, introducing more characters. The dramatic force and fascinating characters keeps the interest of the story intact .The opera is divided into three acts using the libretto of Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica.

The music of Tosca is actually the soul and spirit of this entire collaboration. It reflects the influence of legendary artists in the operatic history and at the same time creativity of the composer. The musical arrangements of this opera are detailed and thorough. It helps them effectively in creating a seamless piece which is woven well together. The recitative, choruses and arias are melded together in a way that one element complements another. The brilliance and ingenuity of its music has been widely acknowledged by the critics and audience. This is the reason that it is presented over and over again. The intricacy of the plot and flawless music of this opera makes it more fascinating. To enjoy the beauty of an aesthetically made opera, order your Tosca Tickets now!

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