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Trust Toby Keith concert tickets to bring an amazing performance every time. He has a huge collection of albums containing songs that are both touching and humorous. That’s what fans love and always welcome a chance to see him and perform songs from his albums, live. He sets out on a tour almost every year, leaving his fans thrilled and thoroughly entertained in its wake. A concert of Toby Keith means lots of music, dancing and watching this charming cowboy on stage. Keith is one of the best country musicians. He has a whole lot of albums, chart-topping hits and awards to confirm that.

The pride of American country Music, Toby Keith remains a significant artist even after so many years in the industry. The exceptional musician and actor started his career in 1993 and soon achieved the heights of success. By releasing 8 albums all peaking at #1 and one album at #2 during a decade, he proves to be the most proficient country singer today. With the longest number 1 hits and the most played songs, the artist is an example of perfection in the country music. 'As Good as I Once Was' and 'Beer for My Horses' spent six weeks at #1. His work has been deeply appreciated by the audiences who always look for the Toby Keith Tickets.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Toby Keith please click Buy

Toby Keith Covel or Toby Keith is one of the well recognized figures in the American Country Music scene. Keith broke into the mainstream music industry back in 1993 with his self titled debut album, and shortly after his talents as a singer and song writer were duly acknowledged by the fans of the genre and critics as well. With a number of hit singles to his name, Keith’s music has touched the hearts of many, which is why his fans wait in lines to see him perform live. Every time Keith steps out to perform live, he manages to attract massive numbers of his loyal fans to the venue. He’s been on a number of tours, and every time he is on tour, Toby Keith tickets become the hot topic among the country music listeners all across the nation.

Keith Initially made mark with two of his studio albums, Toby Keith and Boomtown, which came out in 1993 and 1994 respectively. Following these two were the Blue Moon and Dream Walkin’ that surfaced in the market in 1996 and 1997 correspondingly. All of these four albums along with a Greatest Hits compilation were released on Mercury Records, and after which Keith parted ways from Mercury in 1998. All of these albums did considerably well, both on charts and in the market. Due to their high sales, all of these albums either received a Gold or Platinum status. On top of that, these albums also spawned numerous charting hits as well including “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, which proved to be his debut as well as his break through hit. The single received massive radio airplay, and stayed on top of many country music charts.

After parting his ways from Mercury Records in 1998, Keith then signed a deal with Nashville DreamWorks in the same year. The following year, Keith made his Nashville DreamWorks debut with “How Do You Like Me Now?”. Prior to the release of the album, Keith also released a single in 1998, which earned the title of Number One Country Song of the Year in 2000. During his times with Nashville DreamWorks, Keith released three more studio albums that were “Pull My Chain”, “Unleashed” and “Shock’n Y’all”. Each one of these albums spawned one chart topping hit each, and went on to receive multi platinum status based upon their sales. In 2005, Keith released his follow up studio album called Honkytonk University and a year before that he also released another one of his Greatest Hits compilations.

In 2005, Keith laid foundation of his own record label called Show Dog Nashville following the closure of Nashville DreamWorks in the same year. Few years later in 2009, it became a subsidiary of Show Dog Universal Music. Ever since founding his own label, Keith has released a total of five studio albums to date. His first album with the label came in 2006, called White Trash with Money and it was then followed by Big Dog Daddy, That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy, American Ride and Bullets in the Gun. In addition to these, he also released his third Hits compilation called 35 Biggest Hits. Other than releasing his own material from his label, Keith has signed many other talented musicians like Mac McAnally, Flynnville Train, Trailer Choir, Trace Adkins, Carter’s Chord and Mica Roberts.

As of today, Toby Keith has thirteen studio albums to his name along with couple of compilation albums and two Christmas albums. From these albums, Keith has spawned sixteen top ten hits, nineteen Number One hits and a total of forty singles by Keith have been charted on Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Two of Keith’s number one singles, Beer for My Horses and As Good As I Once Was, stayed on the top spot for six weeks. Over the years, Keith has been on a number of tours, and he is on one this year as well. So if you’re a fan of his music or generally like the country music, it’s an event that you shouldn’t miss.

Toby Keith is one of the very few artists who are perfectionists of the music industry. With his immense contributions towards American country music, he remains the hot favorite artist who has a huge fan following. At the age of 50, he has achieved the best that a person possibly can- respect, fame, success and rewards. The list of awards that he has received proves his brilliance. If you are a country music fan, then he must be one of your favorite singers. Get the Toby Keith Tickets and listen to the best live country music ever.

Toby Keith is a trend-setter in country music industry. He is patriotic, passionate and true to his profession and it shows from his work. He has tremendously hit songs like “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, “As Good As I Once Was” and “Beer for My Horses” to boast of, not to mention his immensely successful recording career which includes 16 studio albums and 19 number one hits and awards for his political work. Fans who buy Toby Keith tickets get to see him live with a set-list which never disappoints. He is a country music super star and is a must-watch live!


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