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One of the very few children groups, The wiggles is going to have a live show in a very short while. The group has won several recording industry awards due to their catchy compositions. Bring along your kids and let them enjoy this time of their lives. Every song contains a specific message or revolves around some topic. They’ve selected the best numbers for your entertainment. Gaining information in the form of a live concert has never been so awesome. Your child will love the soothing rhymes and the jingles. Give them a surprise! Get The Wiggles Tickets today!

Band Members
Scotty Scott
Walter Scott
Marcus Hutson
Nicholas Caldwell
Leaveil Degree
All Time Hits
Rock steady
welcome into my dreams
it’s a love thing

The Wiggles are back to make your kids giggle. These amazing performers from Australia have been taking to stages all around the world for just over two decades. During that time their wonderful colorful acts have turned them into international celebrities that are loved by millions around the globe. They are on their latest tour so grab The Wiggles tickets and catch them perform live.
The Wiggles is a project that was formed by Murray Cook, Greg Page, Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt. Murray, Greg and Anthony were students at the Macquarie University in Sydney when they first got to know each other. The trio started to write songs for children hoping that would help them land jobs as teachers after they graduated from university. Jeff Fatt, who Anthony knew from his time as a member of the group The Cockroaches, was the brought onboard to help them and that is when The Wiggles were incepted. In 1991, they started to work on an album that was to contain children music.  Every song on that album had an educational meaning to it but they wanted it to have a more rock n roll sound that would enable them to make the album appealing to the masses. They dedicated that self-titled album to Anthony’s deceased niece. Anthony distributed the copies of the album among young students to see the effect it has on them. The outcome was very positive.
They went to work on producing a couple of music video with ABC, Australian Broadcasting Network to aid with the promotion of the album. ABC also agreed to give them airtime for their TV show in order to promote the album that went on to sell one hundred thousand copies in the year 1991. Anthony, Murray and Cook then went on to pursue their teaching ambitions but also performed at various events when they had time. In 1993 they decided to give up teaching to concentrate solely on the group and see if it worked out for them professionally. The performances were done and orchestrated by them. Gradually they started to incorporate a supporting cast as well with the likes of Captain Feathersword, the dinosaur Dorothy , Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus all joining in on the fun as regular members.
After releasing their second album all members of The Wiggles started to dress up and put on costumes for their on stage performances, a move that paid off very well. To make their acts more interesting they incorporated various not too complicated dance steps to go with every song. The energetic performances targeted their audience, the pre-school kids perfectly. They are always on the move touring various cities around the country and that has helped take their popularity to another level. With a new video and album coming out every year they had really started to make their mark in a big way. The success they enjoyed during those early days was nothing short of astonishing. By the time 1997 came around they were so big that the famous Twentieth Century Fox made a movie on them which was name The Wiggles Movie. It became the fifth biggest Australian hit of the year in 1998.
The success they had in Australia paved the way for The Wiggles to take their acts abroad. The group went to perform in the US, UK, Japan, Middle East and Asia to immense acclaim from every corner of the globe. Their shows are now shown in over one hundred countries around the world. They hold the record for winning the most ARIA awards in one category. In total they have managed to earn themselves ten ARIA awards. They have come out with thirty nine videos and DVD’s of their work out of which seventeen have been certified gold, seventeen have reached platinum and ten have gone multi-platinum. In total they have sold a staggering thirty million CDs and DVDs combined all over the world. The group is now among the biggest children entertainment artists of all time. Grab The Wiggles tickets and take your kids to an event that they will love for sure.

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