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The Musial Box was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1993. To begin, they were merely a Genesis cover band; now they are the Genesis tribute band. Over the entire period since their inception, they have been continuously improving on their music and performances. Today they have reached a stage where all other Genesis Cover bands seem to be amateurs. They all look up to the standards cemented by The Musical Box.

Genesis redefined the image of a rock concert in the early 70’s. To this day Genesis has a huge fan following. The Musical Box vied to recreate that magic, and in doing this has redefined the concept of a Tribute Band. The Musical Box members have been trying to find one on one matches to Genesis members. After many changes, currently they try to portray Denis Gagné ("Phil Collins" as vocalist), Marc Laflamme ("Phil Collins" as drummer), François Gagnon ("Steve Hackett"), Sébastien Lamothe (Mike Rutherford), Gregg Bendian (Bill Bruford) and David Myers (Tony Banks).

The Musical Box was formed on twentieth anniversary of the Genesis album Selling England by the Pound (1973). From the very beginning they tried to present the closest possible match to Genesis. Their acts are not just limited to costumes and music, but all their efforts attempt to recreate the original vocals as well. They even work to produce an accurate physical resemblance. This means incorporating everything from in-between song banter to instruments to sound equipment to stage props. Even a fine detail like a bald spot on Peter Gabriel’s hairline was conformed to. Gagné even learnt to play a flute. And the effort shows in the results. The recreation is near perfect.

The Musical Box presents the famous Genesis shows from 1972-1975. The Musical Box recreated three famous Genesis shows that brought it great success. The Nursery Cryme , Foxtrot and Selling England by the Pound shows revived the Genesis like no other. In 2008, The Musical Box announced its Trick of the Tail tour. This tour was based upon the band’s 1976 tours after Gabriel’s departure. The tour was a mesmerising experience for Genesis fans. Its great success led The Musical Box to purchase the rights to re-create another show. This was The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway , one of the first Rock Operas with all the essential Genesis elements. It gave the complete Genesis look and feel with shocking costumes, brilliant props and outrageous visual effects. Peter Gabriel left Genesis after touring with this show, which is considered by many as the most mythic work of Genesis. The Musical Box acquired performing rights along with access to the complete package including the original slide shows. They even got the slide operators as well as members of Genesis themselves to assist them. They wanted to help them recreate the magic. And all this painstaking exertion has allowed them to earn a lot of critical acclaim for their work.

The Musical Box is the only band in the world to have been sanctioned by the original band Genesis. The Musical Box has had such an impact that Genesis dutifully supports them. Phil Collins considers their work and performances far superior to the original Genesis acts. Peter Gabriel has shown The Musical Box’s performance to his children to see the replica of their father’s performance. The support provided by Genesis is not only limited to encouraging them from amongst the audience. In 2005, Phil Collins watched a show in Geneva in 2005 and ended up on stage playing drums during the encore. Steve Hackett played a special encore in 2000 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

After performing the show in places such as London’s Royal Albert Hall and the Paris’ Olympia, The Musical Box took a break in 2010. Now The Musical Box has announced another tour from October 2011 to February 2012 covering Canada, USA and Europe re-creating The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway . This tour promises to be the best recreation of the Genesis’ brilliance and originality as well as a worthy tribute. After the Genesis reunion tour in 2007, interest in The MusicalBox did not diminish. Rather it gave the fans a better chance to compare the two. Now the fans they had an opportunity to see both Genesis and The Musical Box live. Both were trying to recreate the same magic. Now it is pretty clear that there are no chances of another comeback by Genesis. This makes The Musical BoxTickets a treasure for both Genesis and The Musical Box fans.

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