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The Monkees is a pop rock band belonging to Los Angeles, California. The band was originally formed in 1965; however, it continued to break up and reunite in the following decades. Initially, the band was created by Bert Schneider and Robert Bob Rafelson for “The Monkees,” a television show which aired for a couple of years. The group comprised of Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz. The ensemble was supervised by Don Kirshner, the producer. In order to attend one of their latest reunion tours, The Monkees tickets can be bought online now.
During the production of The Monkees television show, the musical aspect of it was considered and RCA Records, along with Columbia – Screen Gems got into joint venture with Colgems Records for the distribution of Monkees records. Initial music cuts for the television show were produced by Gary Lewis & the Playboys. When Kirshner met the four chosen band members, he asked Jones to be the lead singer, a decision that the rest of the band was satisfied with. After the release of their debut album, the band was introduced well in the market.
The Monkees debut single was Last Train to Clarksville. Their self-titled debut album was released about a month later. The album remained number one for thirteen weeks, while staying seventy eight weeks on the Billboard charts. Twenty years later, when the band broke up and eventually reunited again, the album spent twenty four more weeks on the charts. This is considered as one of the major debuts ever. They embarked on their very first live tour in December of 1966. Their debut performance was in Hawaii. Although the band found very little time to practice for the live concerts, with all the shooting going on for the television shows, their initial concerts were a success, and shots from them were included later in the shows as well.
The Monkees embarked on a summer tour in 1967 in the United States and the United Kingdom. The outcome of the tour was way more positive than they had expected. They were recognized by the fans from their TV show and Beatlemania. This was a boost to their confidence. Although they’ve had a smooth start and enjoyed the success as much as a new band can expect, in the coming years, the band was to face various ups and downs. The tensions started to rise within the band members by the start of 70s.
The Monkees continued to release studio albums and embark on yearly tours in the coming years despite the ups and downs. Several “Greatest Hits” episodes of their initial show were often broadcasted on the television as well, which had by then become popular among the masses and especially the band’s fan base. After facing a little bump on the road in the 80s, the band was reunited once again during the 90s. They recorded new songs as Jones and Dolenz collaborated. In 1996, the band also embarked on their 20th Anniversary tour. In 2002, Jones and Dolenz asked Tork to join them on the tour in United Kingdom, but he refused.
The Monkees planned to hit the road once again to celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2012, however, tragically Jones died of a heart attack. Nesmith was asked to join the tour, who this time agreed. It will be the first time since 1997 that he will perform with the band, much to the excitement of the fans.
The Monkees started off as a fan band of The Beatles, but eventually formed an identity of their own. They are still known as one of the most unique and unlikely pop rock bands of the 70s. If you plan to see the three Monkees back on stage, now will be the right time to book The Monkees tickets for yourself!

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