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Great artists create great music, but when a number of them join forces to produce music, their creation is nothing less than a masterpiece. Million Dollar Quartet is also an example of such rarely found artistic masterpieces.

On December 4, 1956, the studio named Sun Record Studios located in Memphis, Tennessee was the place where Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins grouped together for a jam session and composed some free hand music, also called as Impromptu music that was later released with the name of Million Dollar Quartet. In the year 1969 this studio was bought by Shelby Singleton and he did a thorough search of the record that was present at the studio. Singleton signed a contract with Charly label to launch a part of this collection in Europe. After working in collaboration with each other they selected a portion of musical compositions from the studio and brought it to lime light for the first time. In the year 1981 it was launched in Europe as an album entitled Charly/Sun LP #1006 Million Dollar Quartet. This album consisted of seventeen songs and the selection and the main theme of all these songs was spirituality. After many years some more music was discovered and which was later on released in the year 1987 under the name of Charly/Sun 2LP set #CDX 20 The Complete Million Dollar Session .

Most of the songs revolve around country and gospel music and they are sung by many legendary singers including Earnest Tubb, Gene Autry, Bill Monroe and Hank Snow. Lewis was responsible for playing the piano and Presley did most of the vocals. Carl Perkins decided to become the lead vocalist for the song Keeper of the Key but ended up in playing the guitar only as it was his forte. In some early tracks singers like Jay Perkins and Clayton Perkins have also shown their talent. At that time W.S Holland was at the drums whereas the rhythm guitar was played by Charles Underwood. The Million Dollar Quartet tickets will explain to all the music lovers what versatility and variety is all about.

In the Million Dollar Quartet the focus was not only on country or gospel music rather the focus also shifted from such spiritual music to Home! Sweet Home! which proved to be a song that was full of sentiments and energy. Such music was sung by Elvis Presley who paid utmost attention to songs like Out of Mind, Out of Sight which was an R & B composition and was popular for being played by the American vocal group knows as the Five Keys . A lot of experimentation has been done by Presley and Lewis as both of them have worked on small parts of Brown Eyed Handsome Man .

A Million Dollar Quartet musical has also been written by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux and it is a dramatization of the Million Dollar Quartet session. It was shown at the Florida’s Seaside Music Theatre for the first time. Later on it was shown at the Village Theatre that is located in Seattle. This musical broke man records owing to its brilliant music which was composed and sung by one of the best musicians and singers of the world. To witness the performance of performers who have attained excellence with the help of their music, Million Dollar Quartet tickets will surely prove to be worth for money!

Million Dollar Quartet is a super hit musical inspired by a famous jam session of well known rock stars of the music industry. The recording session got famous for bringing together Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. The jukebox musical has made it to the Drama Desk and Tony Awards in just one year of premier. It opened on Broadway and now after a number of regional productions will open at West End.

Million Dollar Quartet takes the audiences to the winters of the mid fifties. The Chart topper Elvis Presley , rising star Johnny Cash , the new comer Carl Perkins and the then unknown Jerry Lee Lewis met at the Sun Records Studio in Memphis. This gathering urged them to strum few tunes and hum some words. The evening turned magical as soon as they started playing. Sun Records Studio echoed with the best sound of piano, exhilarating guitar riffs and amazing vocals that evening. Tracking back the time line, history reveals that when the recording took place Elvis Presley was three years old in the industry and had already proven his flair for music . Jerry Lee Lewis was very new comparatively and Johnny Cash recently got famous because of his outstanding songwriting skills and amazing vocal abilities. Their getting together was a big event not for only the studio but also the music industry.

The musical, Million Dollar Quartet is a true story of an actual historical time in the world of music. The artists forming the quartet majorly continued with their solo musical careers and never got a chance to perform together after meeting at Sun Records. A dynamic and versatile ensemble cast has taken over these legends on live stage and beautifully depict their personalities. This year’s production stars Melissa Etherege, Lesley Gore and Ray Benson among a list of others. The artists who have been casted in the musical have actually studied the biographies of these legendary musicians before taking up their roles, which shows clearly in their acting.

Apart from the acting bit, music is the life of this show. Since it is all about singers and songwriters, it features the best hits of their careers. The singles include Memories Are Made Of This, That’s Alright, Great Balls Of Fire, Ghost Riders and I Walk The Line among many others. The hit lists of these artists are known to be unlimited as far as their glorious careers are concerned. Special moments of the show include the original songs composed in the studio at that time which never got screened on a big scale to get formal recognition. Million Dollar Quartet is not just about the single incident of these musicians meeting up and composing music. The story extends further into their personal lives experiences. Personal as well as music related incidents happen to be the basis of the show’s story.

Million Dollar Quartet unveils the exciting creative process that took place in the recording studio that day. It allows the audiences to have a closer look at the life of technicians, composers and the recording artists. The show exposes audiences to the inside process of the way songs come up in a final form. Every step taken into creating a song is highlighted in this musical. The musical displays it along with the memories of the artists associated with the songs. Have you always admired the music of these rock stars but are among those who never got to see them perform live? Well, this is a golden opportunity for you! This musical will not only feature their music but also tell stories related to the melodies of smash hits. Million Dollar Quartet tickets are selling like hot cakes. Get yours before you miss out on the golden chance!

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