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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is hailed not only as a prodigy in the music world but is also typified as a genius in all aspects of creative output. His bounty of over 600 composed outpourings have served as a cornerstone of classical music and have been reproduced countless times by every self-respecting symphony or orchestra that has been active in the last two odd centuries. During his 35 short years of existence, Mozart composed a series of 22 operatic pieces, one of which was the Le nozze di Figaro or “The Marriage of Figaro”. This opera was composed in 1786 when Mozart had just entered his thirties, and was based on a stage comedy written 8 years earlier by Pierre Beaumarchais. Its overture has been famously played as a concert piece throughout the decades.
The story of The Marriage of Figaro picks up from where that of The Barber of Seville ’s left off, and over four acts depicts what happens later. Count Almaviva and his beloved countess Rosina are living in their palace near Seville. Figaro the barber is all set to marry the maid Susanna but the Count, who is now portrayed as having fallen from grace and become an incorrigible tail chaser, persistently flirts with his maid and attempts to delay The Marriage of Figaro. The lascivious page Cherubino, for whom every dame is fair game has his own agenda to follow by emulating his master. To make matters more convoluted, the Count wants to hook up Figaro with the much older Marcellina, a matrimonial that will also rid the former barber of his debt to her. When the Countess realizes her husband’s waning attraction towards her, she teams up with Suzanna and Figaro to teach him a lesson and engages the love struck Cherubino to play dress-up. Susanna and the Countess go ahead with hatching their plot of duping the Count by having Susanna appear to be returning his advances and then later disguise themselves as each other to catch the befuddled Count unawares. Realizing his tomfoolery, the Count makes amends and renews his love for his wife.

The musical composition of The Marriage of Figaro was given a lyrical rendition via a libretto Lorenzo Da Ponte, the first of such collaborations between the musical maestro and the poet, with the latter ones being Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte . Beaumarchais’s original play had been deemed too revolutionary due to its political undertones and aristocratic ridicule and was thus banned in Vienna following its debut. However, Mozart’s much toned down version was bought by the Imperial Italian Opera Company for a dismally low sum of 450 Florins and was staged for the first time on May 1 st , 1786 to critical acclaim.
Initial performances of The Marriage of Figaro drew a lackluster response from the crowd, what with the apparently paid hecklers. However, opera connoisseurs appreciated Mozart’s work as another masterpiece, with the Austrian Emperor requesting a special performance at his palatial theater in Laxenberg. The quartet of bass voices, namely Count Almaviva, Figaro, Bartolo and the gardener Antonio, typically derived from the basso buffo tradition, are matched by the quintet of sopranos made up of the prominent female cast members, with two tenors thrown in for good measure. The Marriage of Figaro made its Dutch debut in December the same year and became an instant sensation which led to the commissioning of the other two operas from the Mozart/Da Ponte partnership.

The Marriage of Figaro has come to enjoy a prestigious position in the pantheon of notable operas that are performed worldwide, being the fifth most-staged one. Critics such as Charles Rosen have extolled the richness and musical poignancy of the opera, as well as the overture that mirrors the intensity of the drama unfolding upon the stage. This is especially marked by the solo and ensemble singing that heightens to a feverish pitch in the 2 nd and the 4 th acts. So for enjoying an evening of nuptial shenanigans immersed in one of the most memorable works of classical music, book The Marriage of Figarotickets now.

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