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Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' is one truly commendable opera performance. Its theme revolves around the typical good against evil story and yet 'The Magic Flute' is unique in the way it has been presented. It has the obvious edge of Mozart's music but in addition to that, the opera leaves more of a visual impression than a musical one. The creative team has done a great job with the stage, lighting, costumes and makeup. This time around, the opera has been fairing so well that The Magic Flute Tickets have had tremendously increasing sales.For Event Schedule and available tickets for The Magic Flute please click Buy

Touching the heights of success right from the outset, the Magic Flute is an opera created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The very first performance robbed the audience of their hearts in the fall of 1791. That it is the eighth most frequently performed Opera in North America, is a proof of its unprecedented popularity. The Magic Flute Opera is rich with drama, music and charm. With its creative sets, traditional costumes, brilliant light effects and mesmerizing music, the Magic Flute is a real entertainment. The performers and vocalists create another world. The audience is dragged into the imaginary land.

The Magic Flute is a fairy tale opera. It is an extraordinary musical journey which takes the audiences into the realms of fantasy. Mozart, the composer, started off as a coworker with Schikaneder's theatrical troupe. He worked in close collaboration with Benedikt Schack who was a singer as well as a composer of the troupe. Together they created few masterpieces including Der Stein der Weisen, popularly known as The Philospher’s Stone. The Magic Flute has lately been modified into ‘Arctic Magic Flute’, which is an English version of the original German one.

The Magic Flute is a love story; it is a fight between the evil and good, the dark and light. The story begins when Pamina, daughter of Evil Queen of the Night is abducted by Sarastro, a priest. A handsome prince, Tamino is chosen by the queen to rescue the princess. Tamino, smitten with Pamina, is promised by the queen the hand of her daughter after he rescues her. Tamino, along with Papageno, sets for mission with the Magic Flute gifted by the three ladies. The Magic Flute has a power of changing people’s heart. Upon reaching the priest’s temple, Tamino finds Pamina through the assistance of Papageno. The priest, though denies the princess her freedom, agrees to marry the two lovers. Sarastro is a noble and high priest who inform Tamino of the evil intentions of the Queen. He decides that Tamino will succeed him as a leader if he passes the priest’s trials. Papageno too, is promised the love of his life if he succeeds in trials, to which he reluctantly agrees. Tamino successfully completes the two tasks of warding off temptation and maintaining silence. Papageno however, is a man of whims and cares less about rules and much less about ordeals and trials.

Tamino wins his love Pamina after they successfully pass through fire and water, which was their final trial. Papagena, failing all his tests, is shown desperate enough to commit suicide when the child spirits appear and bless him with the love of his life Papagena. Lastly, the jealous slave of Sarastro and the Queen appear to destroy the temples but they are restrained by magic and doomed into perpetual night. The opera ends with a musical note when Tamino marries Pamina as his reward of endurance and gumption.

The Magic Flute is an immortal operatic fairytale which has been able to gather great many audiences since its premiere. The opera has been staged many times due to its popular fairy-tale theme. This musical journey is full of love, emotions, drama and humor. While the audience is driven into emotions by the tests and trials of Tamino and Pamina, they are tickled to laugh at the comedy by Papageno. The eternal fight between evil and good never fails to hit the target. It serves its purpose in wakening the spectators spiritually. There is so much to watch, so much to listen and so much to feel that it leaves the audience captivated for its entire length. The acts and scenes are strengthened by the wonderful effects of the stage, light and orchestra. Audience witnesses the development and growth of the characters and learns with them. The Magic Flute is a promising fun. It is as exciting to watch as it is to listen. The musical will take you to a fairy land where the good is bound to overcome bad. Audience leaves the hall satisfied.If you don’t want to miss some great performances then buy your, Magic Flute Tickets now! It’ll definitely be worth it.

The Magic Flute is one of the greatest works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest classical music maestros to have ever been born. The Magic Flute is an opera, composed of two acts that premiered back in 1791 and is the work of Mozart. Its German libretto is the work of Emmanuel Schikaneder and alongside Mozart's opera; the Magic Flute is regarded as one of the greatest works of classical music as well as one of the most performed pieces of classical music in the whole world. This particular opera is also unique in that it is a Singspiel; a form that makes use of both spoken words as a dialogue and fabulous singing resulting in an opera that is highly entertaining and theatrical as well. This opera is therefore an opera to be seen and heard live by anyone and everyone fond of classical music, through the use of Magic Flute Tickets.

The Magic Flute, a Mozart opera with its German libretto by Emmanuel Schikaneder premiered at the Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna in 1791, conducted by Mozart himself with Schikaneder playing Papageno and Josepha Hofer singing the opera part as the Queen of the Night. This opera was so fascinating that in only a few years of its debut, it has seen hundreds of performances and was soon regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces by the master of classical music, Mozart. It was also a favorite of Mozart himself, as shown in many letters written to his wife, Constanze Mozart. In just a year, Magic Flute has seen over one hundred performances and its today one of the best pieces of opera in the entire opera repertoire as well as the Most Performed Opera in the World.

In the world of operas, The Magic Flute is truly one of its kind and is a must watch for all opera lovers who wish to be a part of a tremendous musical experience. The direction, choreography, acting and the overall quality of performance is unmatched. As is the stage setting, costume designing and other visuals that keep viewers captivated for the entire length of the opera. Not only is the sound of the opera brilliant, but so is the innovative stage set up. To find out what we're talking about, get your The Magic Flute Tickets right away because they might not be there for long!


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