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For the past seven odd years one alternative folk band has climbed the ladder to make a serious impression on the music world. The Lumineers have been a breath of fresh air not only for the genre but the industry as well. They are here to stay for a long time to come yet. The band have hit the road once again for another tour so this is your chance to book The Lumineers tickets and watch them live.
The Lumineers history can be traced all the way back to the horrible events of the early 2000’s. They are a band that was in a way borne out of grief. Wesley Schultz was a New Jersey native. He was a very good artist and was hooked on drawing stuff. That however wasn’t the only thing that interested him because he was a huge music fans as well. Joshua Fraites was Wesley’s best friend who was also into drawing. The duo used to spend hours every day talking, discussing and drawing sketches. Things took a terrible turn in the year 2002. Joshua passed suddenly passed away that year.
Needless to say Wesley was devastated. Joshua’s brother Jeremiah Fraites was also grieving the untimely passing away of his brother and that is when he and Wesley got together. Since they were both avid music listeners and fans, the two began to jam together. Those sessions were meant to help them get their lives back to normal. The talent and the chemistry was there so the two of them began to play for hours every day. Then came the time when Wesley and Jeremiah decided to take up music as a profession. The two started off by playing small gigs around New York. What those performances did was to bring them under the spotlight on a local scale. People began talking about them but that still wasn’t good enough. The high cost of living in New York forced them to re-locate to Denver where they literally started from scratch.
They decided that the two of them could not continue on their own and that they needed another member to take to the stage with them. Jeremiah and Wesley gave an advertisement that they were looking for a cellist to join their group. One of the first people to respond to it turned out to be Neyla Pekarek, Denver resident. She had classical training as a cellist and it showed in her audition. Jeremiah and Wesley were gob smacked by her talents and immediately offered her to join them. It wasn’t long before she had become a permanent member of The Lumineers.
Meadowlark became their start-off point in Denver. Some of the most talented young song writers in the country used to get together there for open mic sessions Tuesday every week. Neyla took to learning new music instruments like the mandolin and piano. That increased the group’s repertoire and gave their music a new dimension. Neyla was the only one out of the three who had proper music training. So she began to work with Wesley and Jeremiah to fine tune their musical skills.
It was in the year 2011 that The Lumineers came out with a self-titled EP. They then booked a tour all by themselves in order to promote it. The band’s popularity began to reach new heights not soon afterwards. In a year or so after the release of the EP the band were playing in front of sell-out crowds in some of the most prominent arenas around the country. Their talents were recognized by Dualtone Records who signed them up. They made their debut with their first album which was also a self-titled one. It hit the music stores on 3rd April, 2012. The song “Ho Hey” became a huge hit and announced the arrival of The Lumineers in some style. The track went on to sell a whopping two million copies by the time the year came to a close. It went on to the top spot on multiple charts in the U.S. and Canada and was a pretty big hit in the U.K. as well. The album itself earned two Grammy nominations as well.
The Lumineers have been a revelation. They have burst onto the scene and captured the imagination of the masses in no time. Their rise to stardom has been very impressive to say the least. So book The Lumineers tickets as they head off to an epic tour and watch them captivate you live.

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