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Lion King, the musical based on a classic animated movie, has garnered a great deal of fame lately. The musical will bring to stage our beloved Lion King characters, as they will set the arena ablaze with their mind-blowing performances. Lion King musical is a spectacular display of colorful animals, exotic jungle setting as well as magnificent costumes. Audiences are treated to an interesting storyline as Simba sets out on a quest to save the Pride Lands from the tyrant rule of his evil uncle Scar. Adding a lot of depth and excitement to the storyline is the enchanting music by Sir Elton John. Be prepared to listen live to the astounding tracks like, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Hakuna Matata”, among others. Lion King remains one of the most popular stage musicals, so to mark your attendance at this show, get your Lion King Tickets real soon!

The Lion King is an award-winning musical based on the animated film released in 1994 by California based Walt Disney motion pictures group. The musical is produced by Disney Theatrical and features several actors hidden inside animal costumes and puppets. Lion King the movie was awarded two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture category. Due its success at the box office, the film was later adapted as a musical on Broadway. Julie Taymor is the director behind this musical and legendary singer Elton John gave music for this production. Lion King has won numerous awards including Tony Awards for best direction and production. The cheap Lion King tickets debuted at Morpheus Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 1997. The musical received rave reviews on its debut and later that year opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre. In 2006, the production moved to the Minskoff Theatre on the Broadway, to allow another musical Mary Poppins to take its place at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Since then it has become the eighth longest running production on the Broadway. After the show’s success on the Broadway, the production moved to London where it made its debut at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End. British production of the Lion King was led by Taymor with Melissa De Melo working as the show’s producer.

In December 2008, the show was performed in front of the member of British Royal Family during the Royal Variety Performance show held at London Palladium. Along with the shows run on Broadway and West End, there have been several other adapted versions of the musical performed in various cities around the world. Some of the other cities where the musical was produced include Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Soul, Paris, Honolulu, Mexico City, Taipei, and Las Vegas, to name a few. In September 2010, the production is due to make its South-east Asian debut at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore. The main plot of the musical revolves around life of young Simba growing up with his family in Pride Land. Simba is the son of King Mustafa and Queen Sarabi, and next in line to the throne. Everyone is happy with the prospect of Simba taking to the throne except for Scar, the brother of Mufasa. With the passage of time, Simba grows into an active young cub. Mufasa realizes that it’s time to tell his son what future has in-store for him. So, one day he takes Simba to the summit of Pride Rock and tells him not to go astray and that in coming years, he is the one who has to take control of Pride Lands and therefore, he must maintain a delicate balance between everything in life. He also warns him not to go outside the precincts of Pride Lands, as doing so might put his life in danger. Scar, on the other hand, has planned to kill Simba’s parents with the aim to stop Simba from acceding to the throne.

He comes up with a cunning plan and manages to kill Mufasa by pushing him down the cliff. With the death of his father, Scar puts all the blame on Simba and orders him to leave Pride Land. With the departure of Simba from Pride Land, Scar announces the death of Mufasa along with his son and declares himself as the new king of Pride Land. Simba on the other hand starts his life from scratch and makes two new friends, one a meerkat named Timon and the other a warthog Pumba. While Simba figures out his new life in the jungle, Park Land is held hostage at the hands of its destructive ruler, Scar. Will Simba ever come back to rescue Pride Lands and its residents from the rule of evil Scar? Find out the answer to this and a lot more by getting your own tickets to see Lion King in a theatre near you. The Lion King musical is a treat for theatre lovers of all ages. It will make you forget all other plays that you might have seen in the past and take you on a musical journey in the world of Pride Land. It will make you laugh, and perhaps at times make you cry as well, but one thing is for sure that you will not get to see such a brilliant musical theatre production in years to come.

The Lion King craze is not over and done with just as yet. The musical is enjoying successful runs in the US cities where audiences are still flooding theatres to enjoy the amusing spectacle and moving storyline. Lion King tickets are selling by the day as fans of the musical do not seem to get enough of it. Theaters in Dallas, El Paso, Atlanta, New York, Birmingham, Kansas City, Jacksonville and many other US cities will be staging the popular musical this year too. If you want to enjoy the great performances or the captivating music of Sir Elton John then secure these tickets in time.

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