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The Killers is a rock band belonging to Las Vegas, Nevada. The band was created by Dave Keuning, Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. and Mark Stoermer in 2001. Initially, the group started off by playing at small venues within Las Vegas. From there they were able to develop a loyal fan base. They were discovered by the talent hunter Braden Marrick who offered to become their band manager. After that, the ensemble released their debut single Mr. Brightside which received positive reviews. If you want to attend one of their upcoming concerts, you can now get The Killers concert tickets

The Killers

Band Members
Alfie Jackson
Rob Skipper
Bryn Fowler
Dave Danger
All Time Hits
two left feet

From the notorious city of Las Vegas, a voluptuous rock band came forward in the year 2001, titled The Killers. The band presents music that falls in the genre of alternative rock, indie rock and post-punk revival. This emphatic rock ensemble consists of a total of four members. Brandon Flowers is the lead vocalist of the group with his unique set of vocals and Dave Keuning provides for fruitful background vocals alongside his guitar expertise. While Mark Stoermer with his entrancing bass rifts and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. with proficient drums beats keep the rhythm of their songs in perfect harmony. Members of the band state that the name of the band came up from the video of New Order’s song called “Crystal” in which a fictitious band named The Killers was playing.
The band has released a total of three studio albums up till now; Hot Fuss that was released in the year 2004, Sam’s Town that came out in 2006 and Day and Age released in 2008. Their fourth and most recent album, with the tentative name Battle Born is scheduled to be released in the year 2012. Apart from these albums, the collective has also released one live album with the name “Live from the Royal Albert Hall” that came out in 2009 and a compilation album named “Sawdust” released in 2007. Together with their studio, live and compilation albums, the four members have been able to sell over fifteen million albums worldwide, grossing five million albums alone in the United States. United Kingdom accounts for four million of their albums sales. If you are fan and wish to see them play live, then you will be pleased to know that they are preparing for an upcoming rock concert. So get The Killers tickets without any further delay to mark your attendance.
After being kicked out of his band which was called “Las Vegas Synthpop” in the year 2001, Brandon Flowers, decided to pursue rock music, since his main interest lied in that genre. Soon afterwards he started looking for a new guitar player for his band, and found one after he came across an advertisement in the newspaper that Dave Keuning had gotten printed. They got together and started writing and playing music together in Dave Keuning’s apartment. The bass to their debut demo tape was provided by Keuning’s roommate named Dell Neal. In the year 2002, the current drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. joined the band as its official drummer. This rock ensemble started performing rock music throughout local nightclubs in Las Vegas and formed a small fan following. It was in the year 2003 that the band got its big break when a talent scout named Braden Merrick attended one of their performances. The talent scout took them to audition for major record label companies to Berkeley. Even though the major record label companies turned them down, Niall Norbury who was an employee at the Lizard King Records was impressed by their performance. So he decided to take them along to the United Kingdom where they signed on with this company in the same year.
Through their label, The Killers released their debut single called “Mr. Brightside” that gained instant and massive success. They began performing the hit throughout the US and UK after which many large label companies approached them. In the year 2004, the band was able to get a contract with the prominent Island Def Jam Records. The band’s debut album named “Hot Fuss” was released by the two labels, Lizard King Records and Island Def Jam Records in UK and US respectively. The album reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom and went six times platinum, officially becoming a worldwide success. While in the US, the album received three times platinum certification, becoming one of the most famous debut rock albums. Their very first album was also able to get them three Grammy nominations under the categories of Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song. If you wish to listen to your favorite tracks, all you need to do is purchase The Killer tickets today.

Till the date, The Killers have released four studio albums by the name “Sam’s Town,” “Hot Fuss,” “Battle Born” and “Day & Age.” In 2007, the band also released “Sawdust” a compilation album. They have sold more than six million albums in the United States alone, five million within the United Kingdom and sixteen million around the world. Their album Hot Fuss alone has sold about seven million units around the globe. If you want to attend a live performance by this band, good news is that now you can get The Killers tour tickets. Book them before there are none left!


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