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Disco Biscuits
Disco Biscuits- a name too hard to forget. Disco Biscuits is perhaps the only Street Team non-profit volunteer program that is playing for kids, so that the kids can also take part in supporting and promoting The Disco Biscuits. The name Of Disco Biscuits was suggested by one of their friend?s Rob Hainey.
They all liked the name and named their band after it, though later on they realized that the name doesn?t go with the band but with the time passing the sound of the band has developed to match the name. They distinct themselves from the conventional Philadelphian Grateful Dead-type jam band music by intermingling electronic beats and jams in their music.

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Q:Are there seat numbers on ogden disco biscuits tickets?

A:Disco Biscuits Tickets do not have numbers as the ticket brokers do not allow us to have them.

Q:How can I make sure that I get a seat next to my girlfriend at the disco biscuits ogden if there are no seat numbers on tickets?

A:Disco Biscuits Tickets page on our site has a seating chart please refer to it.