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‘The Dirty Heads’ emerged on the Southern California music scene in 1996. With their characteristic blend of classic reggae, hip-hop, dun rhythms, bold beats and feel-good lyrics’, the ensemble has risen to heights of popularity achieved by few. The six artists in the group are now scheduled for a live performance in your city. Hurry to get The Dirty Heads tickets and watch the band live in concert.

The Dirty heads is the brainchild of Jared Watson aka ‘Dirty J’ and Dustin Bushnell aka ‘Duddy B’. The two artists began working together while they were still in high school. Watson heard one of the Dustin’s demo tapes and decided to collaborate with him on a new project. Dustin was in another punk rock band back then. Dustin and Watson started writing songs with reggae, punk and hip-hop influences and started their music ventures in Dustin’s garage. Later a percussionist, a bassist and a drummer also joined the group and the complete lineup started recoding.

The debut album by the band, “Any Port in the Storm,” came out in 2008 and featured legendary Beatles’ collaborator Billy Preston, Nine Inch Nails’ session drummer and Grammy nominated British reggae singer Tippa Irie. The album became an international hit, and another deluxe version of the album followed in 2010. A single, Lay Me Down, was added to this second version and it topped Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and spent eleven weeks at number one spot.

The band toured heavily after the release of their debut album. They frequently collaborated with other known music groups including O.A.R, Pepper, Kottonmouth Kings and Sublime with Rome. They also took part in marketing campaigns for several brands which also increased their public exposure as well.

In 2012, The Dirty Heads, released their sophomore record, titled “Cabin by the Sea”. The single, Spread Too Thin, from this album became viral and is still among their most downloaded songs. In 2013, The Dirty Heads released an acoustic version of the single as part of their acoustic series. The same year, the rock band also played a sold-out show at the Orange County Fair’s Pacific Amphitheater. The concert was attended by at least 8,500 people and was a huge success. Since then The Dirty Heads have also made a name for themselves as an entertaining live performance group.

The band’s latest release, “Home – Phantoms of Summer,” came out in October 2013. In their upcoming concert The Dirty Heads are expected to feature songs from this album as well as their new album, which is scheduled to be released in July. This latest album is titled “Sound of Change” and is among the most awaited releases of the year. One of the songs from this album, My Sweet Summer, was released on iTunes in May.

The current lineup of the group includes the two founding members, along with Jon Olazabal, Matt Ochoa, Shawn Hagood and David Foral. Their unique blend of hip-hop, rock, reggae and ska music coupled with their cheerful on stage personas makes their performances really memorable.

Sometimes compared to the renowned music act, Sublime, the group continues to thrill fans worldwide. After touring heavily in California, Arizona and Mexico the band is back to perform in the country and its next destination is your city. The Dirty Heads are known to give their fans a great time and their upcoming concert is expected to be no different. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to become part of a memorable event. Get Dirty Heads tickets before there are none left in stocks.

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