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Many award winning novels have found their way to the television screens, cinema and theater stage. Alice Walker's, Pulitzer Prize-winning classic "The Color Purple" premiered on Broadway in 2005 and after two years embarked on a nationwide tour. The Color Purple has been defined as a "stirring, inspiring musical" which boasts of the efforts of director Gary Griffin and producer Scott Sanders. After an impressive run in the US, the musical has finally crossed border and The Color Purple tickets for its international tour are selling like hot cakes. People who enjoy classic theater productions are looking forward to this astounding show.For Event Schedule and available tickets for The Color Purple please click Buy

The Color Purple is the Winner of Classic 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It is an outstanding Novel by Alice Walker written in 1982 and Its story is later presented in the form of Musical Movie by Steven Spielberg which makes it a soul stirring, new musical and landmark Broadway event. The 1985 Steven Spielberg Movie proved to be a superhit and collected more than $100 million domestically along with 11 Academy Award nominations."The Color Purple" is the story of two sisters who have been the victims of rape, domestic abuse and poverty but they have developed a very strong loving relationship between them. This unbreakable love bond has made them so strong that they would be able to win over all the adversities of life and raised themselves with their self respect and maintained their dignity. The lovely Muscial touches of Jazz, Ragtime, gospel and blues turned it into a great entertainment. It is basically a story of hope, treatment to a healing power of love and celebration of life with a refreshing enthusiasm and great energy.

The Cast of the movie consisted of all black actors with no name star and it was also a matter of great concern for some Broadway investors and they were not confident of attracting the core theater audience and were actually low in spirits. However, Things worked against their expectations and Broadway showed superb results as there was great rush of the audience.The Muscial version of "The Color Purple" is so much successful that it earned more than out of its original investment of $11 million. It has indeed made the impossible, possible. The show's success has opened new horizons for Broadway and have given it a new impetus of doing the job in a more effective way by attracting diverse audiences. Since a year of its beginning, It is very profitable from business point of view and have sold out record $7 million worth of tickets for a satellite production that is set to open in Chicago in April.Moreover,Patrons have bought $5 million worth of "The Color Purple" souvenirs, twice the merchandise sales of a typical show.

The historical record of Broadway is never been good in attracting the large African-American audiences for its shows. Almost 4% of ticket buyers are black and it evident from the Surveys conducted by a League of American Theatres and Producers. Even successful shows replete with African-American characters such as "Dreamgirls," "The Wiz" or "Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk" have attracted audiences that are less than 25% African-American, theater executives say. The only exceptions have been limited-run productions with celebrities, such as the 2004 revival of "A Raisin in the Sun," which starred rapper-actor Sean Combs, now known as Diddy.

The talent producers Scott Sanders and Roy Furman of "The Color Purple" were very much determined to make it a superhit. For this purpose, they worked very hard and used a wide range of creative marketing tactics which proved fruitful and the success of "The Color Purple" gave a death blow to the thinking of the pessimistics.. It is worth mentioning here, "The Color Purple" audience is over 50% black, with some performances in the 80% range. A great lesson is to be learnt from the grand success of this great movie.i.e., "There is a huge and growing demand from African-Americans for more sophisticated entertainment options and they will surely come if We don't ignore them," says Mr. Sanders.

The influential Ms. Winfrey had a strong backing for this Movie. Actually, the musical arrived on Broadway with Oprah Winfrey on its marquee as a producer. She invested about $1 million and allowed Mr. Sanders to put her name above the show title — has sold tickets, she doesn't do much work for the show and is not involved in any of its operations. However,She has devoted only two partial episodes to the musical. She rarely does press on its behalf, and declined a request for an interview for this article.

The strategy for selling the musical was been given great importance. It started in focus groups. Drew Hodges, founder of SpotCo, a theater-focused marketing and advertising agency explained the confusion of some participants who were confused about conversion of a grim story inot into a musical. But other focus-group participants — black women in particular — balked at early plans to distance the musical from the movie. "It became clear that we needed to communicate that were treating this story with the proper respect," says Mr. Hodges. "People have an incredibly strong bond to this story, and we were surprised at how many people responded to the idea of sisterhood."
Two black women playing patty-cake against a rich gold background was the central image of the resulting ad campaign. (A similar image was featured in Mr. Spielberg's movie.) The hand-slapping game helped communicate "movement and happiness," while the color was picked to signal that the show is "joyous and uplifting."

A very effective marketing approach was adopted to clarify the concept that "The Color Purple" wasn't musical material. Actually, The producers realized that the show's upbeat score, written by a trio of first-time Broadway composers and lyricists, could battle the perception that "The Color Purple" wasn't musical material. They sent a blast email to regular theatergoers that contained three songs in an MP3 format and finally, It worked and they were successful in their objective.The First-time theatergoers were also targeted with a great success. Messrs. Sanders and Furman attracted the New audience by starting with cheap ticket pricing incentives. While charging $115 for premium seats, the show reserves large portions of the 1,718-seat theater for tickets priced as low as $25. The offer of cheap priced tickets proved to be a great factor in attracting a huge number of new comers.

The pair also contributed a lot in reaching out to newcomers to New York City. The show's Web site played a very important role in boosting the tickets sales by allowing people to book hotel rooms at the same time they buy tickets and includes detailed tips on how to hail a cab and where to eat near the theater. The Web site also tries to dispel some the myths of Broadway. A question and answer section, for example, tackles what to wear. "Is there a dress code? Don't worry: Formal attire isn't required."Among the other marketing tactics: promotional partnerships with Colgate-Palmolive Co., Visa USA Inc. and Federated Department Stores Inc.'s Macy's; advertising in smaller neighborhood publications and newsletters usually ignored by Broadway; and targeting church choirs in African-American communities for group ticket sales.

The Color Purple is a rousing story of a woman who finds strength amidst great adversity and stands up for herself. The beautifully knit tale focuses on family life and how love can overpower all other emotions. Musical that starts off by showcasing the leading lady "Celie" in a pitiful state ends with her turning into a strong, independent woman. Music by Brenda Russell compliments the theme of the show and she has created a sensational album that earned her a Grammy nomination as well. To watch this Tony and Theatre World Award winning show, get your The Color Purple tickets from our site at discounted rates.

The Tony Award winning musical, The Color Purple is coming to your city in no time. The show has been entertaining the world for almost seven years at a number of locations around the globe. The creative team of the musical consists of Allee Willis, Brenda Russell and Stephen Bray . The concept has been taken from an epistolary novel written by the great American writer Alice Walker . The novel garnered positive response in the 80s and received a ‘National Book Award for Fiction’ and a ‘Pulitzer Prize for Fiction’. Later on a film of the same name and concept was also made in the year 1985 which was directed by the living legend Steven Spielberg starring world famous artists such Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.

The Color Purple portrays the story of African American women who experienced problems such as racism, poverty and sexism. The Color Purple New Haven performancewill give all you theater goers a chance to enjoy watching one of the finest pieces of the theater world. The Broadway debut was a massive success in the year 2005. The musical boasts of a great story and visuals. You'll get to listen to your favorite songs in The Color Purple New Haven show. Missing an award winning theatrical show would be a huge mistake on your part. Start informing your friends and loves ones because the musical is about to begin. Without delaying any further get The Color Purple New Haven tickets from us!

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