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Way back in 1964, an Irish author wrote his book of stories Death of a Chieftain which became a source of inspiration for Paddy Moloney, the founding member of the Irish folk and Celtic music band The Chieftains. Not just the title but the bands music itself was a compelling force for the audience. Garech Browne assisted in the beginning and the band signed themselves with Claddagh Records and achieved financial success. Founded in 1962, this great Grammy award winning Irish Musical group became famous in a pithy time and had gained fame all over the globe for their outclass production of traditional Irish music.

The trigger behind this fabulous band is none other than Paddy Moloney who has formed this band and also acts as its key member. All the production and composing of the songs rely solely on paddy and he is proudly doing it all with immense fervor and success. Although the band members were kept on changing as the time passed by but the final line up of band members was defined in 1979 with Matt Moloney, Kevin Conneff, and Sean Keane finally making up The Chieftains.

The journey to success is usually a hard nut to crack but for The Chieftains, this hurdle was crossed and that too in an amazing manner. Although there is no doubt that the enormous undaunted struggle played its part but the fruits of glory soon reaped in the form of Grammy Awards, Emmy and a Genie too. But the most praise worthy achievement was to get Lifetime Achievement Award which was bestowed upon The Chieftains in 2002 by the courtesy of UK ’s BBC Radio 2. These awards were not just the recognition of their mind blowing music but they went beyond producing a great music. Their efforts to revive the traditional Irish culture through music were at par with other genres of music in the entertainment world. The endeavor to amalgamate pop and rock music with the traditional Irish music was one such shot that required balance and ultimate understanding of the beats and it beautifully done by The Chieftains. That is why they were proudly claimed as the Ambassadors of the Irish music and the Irish Government also recognized this by awarding them with the honorary title of Ireland ’s Musical Ambassadors in 1989.

The Chieftains not only produced a number of albums rather they also collaborated with the giants of Pop and folk music thus bringing forth the amalgamation of an outclass music. Some of the noteworthy collaborations with the musicians of various genres include Newfoundland Music, Country music, Cape Breton and Galician traditional music to name a few. While the list of those with whom they performed is a long one too including names of Natalie Merchant, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Tom Jones, Jim White, Mike Gordon, Madonna and the list goes on and on.

Not just this but the social issues were also focused by The Chieftains as they performed at Self Aid concert at Dublin focusing on the chronic unemployment that was at rise in 1986 in Ireland. With the audience of more than a million in 1979 attended the concert of The Chieftains in Phoenix Park Dublin in recognition of the visit by Pope John Paul II to Ireland . The concert was a huge success and it is still remembered by the Irish people. The Chinese Government also invited the band in 1983 to display their talent with Chinese Broadcasting Art Group at Great Wall of China in a concert and they had the honor to b the first ever western group to perform in such collaboration. Even Senator Edward Kennedy invited The Chieftains at Capitol Building in Washington D.C to display their marvelous talent and this honor was also never given to any other band besides them. Thus it is not just the music but the talent behind those beats is all that matter and The Chieftains proved their worth like anything. You will surely never want to miss this glorious chance as The Chieftains Tickets are in high demand. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity should not be missed so grab your tickets of The Chieftains and make your evening worth remembering!

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