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Capitol Steps, a comedy group that needs no formal introduction. This group specializes in the genre of satire comedy and has remained a fan favorite for the past twenty years now. During this time Capitol Steps have released thirty-four studio albums and also won a WAMA Musical/cabaret Theater Artist Award. Capitol Steps is a group that is a must watch for all so grab Capitol Steps Tickets for an evening full of laughter!

Capitol Steps was formed by three Congressional staff members namely Jim Aidala, Elaina Newport and Bill Strauss in the year 1981. This was the era of President Ronald Reagan. These staffers were working on various government projects, and in spare time they used to write parody songs on various political and government topics. Later on these three were joined by other staffers like Barbie Granzow, Nancy Baskin and Dave Nicholas. All these members organized a Christmas performance, the name Capitol Steps was taken from an incident that took place on the Capitol building’s steps. Capitol Steps performed for the first time in December 1981 at an official party for Foreign Relations. The show was a success and repeat performances were done in the same month.

More house staffers joined the group over the next few months and finally in 1983 Capitol Steps started performing on a monthly basis at the very famous Shorhem Hotel. In 1984 Newport and Strauss started thinking of becoming professional performers and in 1987 they eventually quit their jobs and turned Capitol Steps into a proper professional satire comedy group. They both were joined by people like Brian Ash, Richard Paul, Mike Loomis and Anne Hill. These artists along with Strauss and Newport continue to perform till date. Initially Capitol Steps included only Congressional Staffers but now it has expanded to a twenty-five member troupe and it includes professional vocalists and actors. The troupe has performed at a number of venues across the US, on radio as well as PBC Channel.

Since formation Capitol Steps have performed in front of American Presidents, famous politicians and government officials. Some of the famous personalities whose parody has been done by Capitol Steps include few Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair (British Prime Minister), Jacques Chirac (French President), Rudy Giuliani (ex-Mayor of New York), Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Clinton. Capitol Steps have released mainly parody song albums like Capitol Steps Live! At The Shoreham (songs of 1984), Danny’s First Noel (songs of 1989 Holiday release), Sheikh Rattle and Roll (songs of 1990), Fools on the Hill (song of 1992), All I Want For Christmas Is A Tax Increase (songs of 1993), Sixteen Scandals (songs of 1997), When Bush Comes to Shove (songs of 2002), Springtime for Liberals (songs of 2007), Liberal Shops of Horrors (songs of 2010) and Desperate House Members (songs of 2011).

Capitol Steps popularity is exceptional and from the last few years they regularly perform at events like Independence Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. Fans if you are tired from your daily hectic routine and want to enjoy an evening full of laughter then we strongly urge you to get affordable Capitol Steps Tickets only from us and we assure you that you experience will be nothing less than perfect!

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