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Tennessee Volunteers is the college athletic teams that play for the "University of Tennessee". The teams form "National Collegiate Athletic Association". There are a total of twenty varsity teams. The men's teams are known as "Volunteers", while the women teams are called "Lady Volunteers". Tennessee Volunteers tickets are sold out days before the games take place. Tennessee Volunteers' logo is a big orange "T", which has gone through various changes during past. Tennessee is the second major U.S. University to have totally separate athletic departments for their men's and women's athletic teams. The team's mascot is "Smokey" the gray dog.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Tennessee Volunteers please click Buy

Tennessee Volunteers or more frequently known as Volunteers or just Vols are one of the most happening sports team on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) panel. They have the ability to give a tough time to even the strongest teams and surely know the art of keeping the fans grossed from start till the end. Tennessee Volunteers play in the Division 1 of NCAA Southeastern Conference. Fans all matches that the Volunteers plays are full of thrill so don’t miss them, get your Tennessee Volunteers Tickets only from us and feel the adrenalin rush all over you!

Tennessee Volunteers are a group of 20 varsity teams of man and women that compete in various sports matches under the patronage of the University of Tennessee. Tennessee Volunteers are headquartered in Knoxville Tennessee .The Volunteers have been active on the NCAA sports scene since 1932 and till date they surely have an impressive record with 23 national championships and 147 Southeastern Conference Championships in different sporting events such as swimming, men and women track & field, basketball and football. The men athletes are called Volunteers whereas the women are called Lady Volunteers.

The official colors of the Volunteers are white and UT orange. The teams have two fight songs the official is “Down the Field” and the unofficial song is “Rocky Top”, since 1982 ‘Rocky Top” is also one of the State songs of Tennessee. Owing to the amazing performance and popularity of the Tennessee Volunteers the State of Tennessee has been given a nickname and that is “The Volunteer State”. The official mascot of the Volunteers is Smokey the dog. It is a Bluetick Coonhound, this muscular and strong built breed is popularly bred in the south of the US. Fans can see a costumed version as well as a live dog during different matches, the costumed Smokey has won many mascot championships. Sometimes both live and costumed Smokies can be seen running side by side in the end zone.

The Volunteers baseball team is surely a tough contender and has won the College World Series 4 times. The men’s basketball team in 41 years won their first ever Conference Championship in 2008 and they won this title by outclassing the very strong and undefeated seasonal team Memphis. The Lady Volunteers basketball team has been winning laurels for the University as they have got eight NCAA Divisional 1 titles to their name and are termed as one of the strongest women basketball teams in NCAA.

In cross country the Vols have got one national and 25 SEC championships to their name. In football the Volunteers have got a pretty impressive record, they play in the Eastern Division and have won six national championships. The Volunteers play all their football matches in the Neyland Stadium with a capacity to seat of over 100,000 spectators, all the basketball matches are played at the Thompson-Boling Arena, this arena can seat around 21000 fans.The Lady Vols have transformed into a formidable soccer team thanks to the brilliant efforts of current coach Angela Kelly, under the coaching of Kelly the team has won 4 conference championships, four divisional titles and three regular season wins.

As far as swimming is concerned the Lady Volunteers have broken many college records and for five consecutive seasons they have finished among the NCAA Top 15 teams. The male swimming team is no way behind as they have won an astounding 52 Conference championships, 20 relay titles and also have broken many records. Some other games that the Volunteers regularly take part in are Golf, Tennis, Track & Field indoor and outdoor and volleyball.Sports lovers all matches of the Tennessee Volunteers are a must watch. Be it the male Volunteers or the Lady Volunteers gripping and exciting matches are a guarantee for fans. Hurry and select your affordable Tennessee Volunteers tickets from our long inventory of available tickets and have a day full of enthralling sports!

If you haven't seen this team in action then you certainly have missed all the excitement. Volunteers are one of the toughest contenders when it comes to college sports. They are a member of the Southeast Conference and play in the NCAA Division 1. Fans all matches of Tennessee Volunteers are bound to keep you engrossed from the start till end so be there. Tennessee Volunteers Tickets are your passes for the most thrilling games of the season, so book your deal and have a great time!

Tennessee Volunteers history dates back to the 1932 when they were inducted in the Southeast Conference. They are called Volunteers as the nickname of Tennessee State is Volunteer State. The Volunteers are also nicknamed as the Vols. The official fight song is "Down the Field". The official mascot is Smokey. The Vols have got six football, three indoor and four outdoor track and field, and eight basketball national championships to their name.College sports lovers the Tennessee Volunteers are going to play yet another riveting game so everyone is invited. You can select from our long inventory of affordable Tennessee Volunteers Tickets only from us and witness their exciting games!

Tennessee Volunteers have been competing in "Southeastern Conference" since 1932, the year of its inception. Tennessee Volunteers have a record of appearing in almost every sports and usually ending among Top 25. Till date, Tennessee Volunteers have won about 147 seasons at SEC championships. They have won 23 National titles in women's basketball, men's indoor and outdoor track and field, football, women's indoor and outdoor track and field and men's diving and swimming. The University of Tennessee currently has 9 men's sports and 11 women's sports. The facility provided by the university is "Lindsey Nelson Stadium" for baseball, "Neyland Stadium" for football and "Thompson-Boiling Arena" for Basketball. If you wish to catch their games, you can get Tennessee Volunteers tickets from our website.


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