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PROMO19 5% Fri May 27 2022 Buy Stomp, Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre Tickets for 05/27 08:00 PM Stomp, Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre tickets for 05/27 08:00 PM at Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre, Hartford, CT

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Stomp Tickets are your gateway to a dance act which is truly a class apart. Moving away from the traditional dancing styles, the troupe has managed to pull off dance acts which use percussion mastery and create perfect rhythmic moves. Stomp has rocked venues for more than fifteen years now and their shows are always sold out events. Starting off as a band of renegade street performers, it blossoms healthily as an Off-Broadway and touring staple. If you are a dance mover yourself or if you want a break from the mundane routine then here is your chance to have it all, don't miss out on it!For Event Schedule and available tickets for Stomp please click Buy

In this world full of worries and woes, some good music and dance can actually rejuvenate your mind and soul. Stomp is one of the very few groups that can take you to an all new level of entertainment!

Stomp is a dance troupe that has moved away from the traditional styles of dancing. They have been considered to be the pioneers in introducing a kind of dance that the world has never seen. This troupe came into existence in 1991. It is a Brighton based group, whose original members and creators were Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. They have been working together since 1981. At first they played with a street band called Pookiesnackenburger and Cliff Hanger . During the 1980s they performed street comedy musicals at the Edinburgh Festival . After releasing two albums and touring throughout Europe Pookiesnackenburger were able to produce Bins commercials. This was choreographed and written by Cresswell, which was a part of their stage show. This further led to the making of Stomp dance troupe.

In the year 1986 McNicholas and Cresswell made a movie entitled Mondo Beyondo . It was created for Bette Midler’s HBO special and was unique in a sense that it was an eight minute percussive movie, a style that was new for the audience. As a versatile musical director Cresswell staged four large scale outdoor events. It included the very famous Beat the Clyde , and exhibited a pontoon with a floating drum on it. The largest one was Heineken Hove Lagoon Show which featured a full orchestral string section and the Brighton Festival Chorus. In the year 1991 Stomp was financed, directed and produced by McNicholas and Cresswell. They performed for the first time at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre and also in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Due to their outstanding performance they were made the Guardian’s Critic’s Choice and were also awarded the Daily Express Best of the Fringe award.

Initially this troupe consisted of seven members including David Olrod, Luke Creswell, Nick Dwyer, Theseus Gerard, Carl Smith, Fraser Morrison and Sarah Eddy. It consisted of eight members, when in 1991 Fiona Wilkes joined the troupe. Stomp performed all around the world especially in place like Barcelona, Sydney, Hong Kong and Dublin. In the year 1994 they did a successful show at the London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre . Due to this performance they had a nomination for the Best Entertainment Award and won Best Choreography Award in a West End show.

The troupe’s unique style sets it apart from its contemporaries. Their performance appears to be magical as they make use of everyday objects to produce music and present a comedy that is full of humor and movement. The characters without saying a single word are able to convey their message to the audience and bring a smile on their faces. Stomp started performing at the Orpheum Theatre and won a Drama Desk Award and an Obie Award for the Most Unique Theatre Experience . They became extremely popular and were acclaimed by people from all around the world.

In the year 1995 two American productions came into existence only for the purpose of going on tours in the United States. This US cast took Stomp in Korea, Brazil and Chile. They have also been featured in many commercials including Coca-Cola’s Ice Pick and several spots for Target stores in the US, like Seat in Europe and Toyota in Japan. In 1996 they played at the Academy Awards . Their performance consisted of live synchronization of classic film clips and gave twenty performances. They have the honor of playing at the President Clinton’s Millennium celebrations , where they were heard by thousands.

To experience the real essence of dance and entertainment, Stomp Tickets can play a key role as this dance troupe has the capability to perform, this genre of entertainment at its best. Having such maestros perform on stage is something so exhilarating that it is beyond ones imagination.

Stomp is an amazing and humorous show with an energetic cast that does not utter one word yet ooze out individuality. With the combination of facial expressions, body movements, along with few things that you can easily find around your house. This cast communicates scenes in the universal language of rhythm and sound. They are constantly in motion, sweeping floors, swinging from above the stage as they hit and bang on everything in sight. Experiencing such a thing has always turned out to be mind blowing. You don’t want to miss that do you? Get your Stomp Tickets straight away!

Stomp has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike; in fact it is hailed as "A sure-fire crowd pleaser" by the New York Times. Stemming from Brighton, UK, the show began in 1991, prior to which the members all worked together for a decade, operating as a street band, 'Pooklesnackenburger'. They released two albums and went on an extensive tour across Europe. They gradually ended up as Stomp, the dance troupe. Check out how the cast members ooze out individuality while not even uttering a single word from their mouths! Book your Stomp Tickets and guarantee yourself a rocking evening!

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