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Steely Dan is one of the hit rock bands of America which got popular because of their rock music being influenced by pop, R&B, jazz and funk. The band, which is comprised of Walter Becker and Donald Fegan produced music which was a mix of all these genres and the result was the worldwide fame. If not for any other thing, this band is loved for making inspirational lyrics, focusing on some serious subjects and presenting them beautifully through their music. The band is also known for their amazing live performances which fans enjoy thoroughly and buy Steely Dan tickets hungrily when they are out in the market.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Steely Dan please click Buy

Steely Dan is majorly known for their urge to experiment with their music. The band was formed back in 1972 and by the late 70s the band took its spot as one of the most well known bands of that time. The band has also been titled the Musical Antiheroes for the 70s, due to its uncommon fusion of jazz with other genres like R&B, Rock and Funk. Steely Dan’s music has a characterized sound to it that clearly defines them as an experimenting band. Their music and the harmonies are filled with structures that are highly influenced by the Jazz music. The band comprises mainly of Becker and Fagen as its permanent band members, but other rock musicians keep performing with them from time to time. When it comes to the writing style of the band, Steely Dan caters to the social topics like crime, love, drugs and quite a few more. When it comes to recording their albums, both the band members can be referred to as perfectionists. This proves that they’re true to their music, their instruments and fans. This intense perfectionism result in an 1980s release Gaucho, which took them more than a year to record to perfect the seven songs that the album contained.

Soon after their formation, the band initially concentrated on their tours, and they toured extensively during the period of 1972 to 1974. After that period, they concentrated more of their strengths towards their studio recordings, which resulted in a number of studio albums in later 1970s. After achieving mild amount of success with their singles and albums, they band decided to disband in 1981. During their hiatus, both the band members of the group mainly remained apart from the music world, and kept it that way for almost ten years.During their years of hiatus, the band eventually start establishing cult following for themselves, which is one of the reason why they decided to get back together once again in 1993. After their comeback, the band initially started touring before they finally set their eyes on recording a yet another studio album. The band released two more studio albums in early 2000s, and also managed to get a hold of a Grammy Award for the Album of the Year for one of those albums. The band was also honored by being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, after having sold more than thirty million albums all across the globe.

So far the band has released a total of nine studio albums, seven of which were released before their break up and two came during post hiatus period. Their most recent studio album happens to be Everything Must Go that was released in 2003. Although it wasn’t as successful as their previous album, the one that got them a Grammy Award, but still it managed to earn some critical acclaim.Steely Dan’s studio albums usually contain musical and instrumental perfection. They put special attention to the sound of each of the instruments that they use in their album. And more than hundred percent of attention is given to every little detail of the sound, during the recording process. This is done in order to have a sound quality that gives equal important to all the instruments used in a piece. During their recording process, the band reaches to the new levels of perfectionism as they record good amount of takes before recording the final cut.

Same perfectionism follows when it comes to live performances. On their tour, they gather hordes of their loyal followers as they hit various venues. They have been on several concert tours over the year, and this year they’re scheduled to hit the road for their Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven Tour. They’ll be hitting various venues all across the United States, so you better get your Steely Dan tickets before they run out.Steely Dan is an American rock band widely known for blending the elements of jazz, R&B, funk , rock and pop altogether. Getting appreciated for its music, the band has a selling statistics of more than 30 million albums worldwide and has been inducted into the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame.Steely Dan’s music being themed on love affairs, crime, drugs and other subjects of the sort, distinguishes him from the other bands contributing to the same genre of music.

Their scornfully humorous lyrics, coupled with the complex jazz-influenced melodies appeal to a wide variety of audiences, earning them a huge fan following. The band has released up to nine studio albums so far with ‘Everything Must Go’ as their latest release. Its sound tracks ‘Do it Again’, ‘Deacon Blues’, ‘Hey Nineteen’ and the likes were ranked at top positions in the US charts shortly after getting released. Steely Dan is known in the industry for its perfection. They used 11 engineers and 42 different studio musicians for recording one of their albums released in the early eighties. Due to its tradition of perfection in music, the band has earned many awards including a Grammy for the category of ‘The Best Album’.Widely recognized for having incredible live performances, Steely Dan is ready for another one this year. So people of Portland hurry and grab your Steely Dan Portland Tickets right now!

Steely Dan gave the world a unique concept of music which was a mix of numerous genres including funk, pop, R&B and jazz. Their influential music and inspirational songwriting is the reason why they are a much loved band for people of different kinds of music tastes. The live performances of Steely Dan have been something which every rock music lover loves to attend and makes up a mind of attending again. So the next time this remarkable band is scheduled to come to your city, make sure to book Steely Dan tickets well in advance and you won't regret attending the concert.Known as the musical antiheroes of the 70s, Steely Dan is quite famous for their habit of experimenting with their music and also their immense perfectionism when it comes to their live performances and recordings. Comprised of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, the band was formed in 1972, and rose to fame in late 70s and 80s. After a string of albums the band broke up for sometime in 1981 and got back together in 1993, and they’ve been performing since then. As far as now, Steely Dan has spawned a total of nine studio albums; the most recent of which came out in 2003. The album prior to that happens to be one of their most successful albums as it helped them grab a Grammy Award for best Album that year.

Steely Dan is quite famous for being the perfectionist band when it comes to recording albums. And that habit of theirs is also followed strictly while they’re on stage performing in front of the crowds of the hundreds. Their live concert tours are usually sought-after by many of their fans. And that is why they’ve decided to take their act on road this year with their Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven tour. So if you happen to be a fan of their music, and would like to witness them perform live, our Steely Dan Merriweather Post Pavillion tickets are here for your taking.Steely Dan is dazzling the audience with their mature and dynamic music since 70’s. They are an American rock band comprising of two members, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker . They disbanded in 1981 and released thei Among some of the most exciting and entertaining experiences of life is when you get a chance to listen to great music, performed to perfection by skilled artists, at a venue that is renowned for its comfort and technical facilities. Steely Dan Murat Theater at Old National Center is also an example of such an experience.

American Rock band Steely Dan was formed in 1972 having its current members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen . The band ruled the rock music scene of 1970s releasing seven albums comprising of music that blended rock, jazz, R&B, funk and pop music. Their musical style and improvisation soon made them one of the most popular bands in the country and established them as seasoned musicians. Towards the end of 1970s, the band restricted its tours and focused mainly on studio based activities and in 1981 it finally disbanded. The band remained out of the scene for a long time before reuniting in 1993 and has ever since been active again selling over 30 million albums worldwide.Steely Dan has also been awarded with Grammy Award for Album of the Year for their first album after reunion and has been included in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. For people who appreciate good rock music, Steely Dan Murat Theater at Old National Center Tickets promise the best value for their money!

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