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Are you tired of seeing the same old music concerts? Are you looking for some extraordinary band that can entertain you differently this year? If so, Steel Panther Tickets are what you must rush to get! This wonderful band is soon to perform in your city and delight the music buffs in a style of their own. It is always much fun to be a part of Steel Panther shows that are full of excitement and exhilaration. The band will not only allow you to enjoy some great music but also gives you a perfect opportunity to laugh your head off with their exaggerated appearances and humorous lyrics.
A glam metal group, Steel Panther comes from Los Angeles. It was founded in 2000 and since then they have won huge fan following with their profane and funny lyrics in addition to embellished personas that they present on stage. The members of the group include Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zadinia.

Steel Panther was formerly known as Metal Shop and Danger Kitty. The band made its way into the world of music as Metal Shop. However, it soon changed its name to Metal Skool which was soon replaced by its final title that is, Steel Panther. The name Steel Panther was used by the band in 2008. At this point, it signed a contract with Republic Records and also expressed their intentions about producing a studio album. "Death to All but Metal" was made public through iTunes in 2009. The same year, their first album was published. It was called “Feel the Steel”. “Hole Patrol” was their auto produced single that was released in 2003. In the same year, "Death to All But Metal" was made a part of "Hey, That's What I Call Sludge!” their compilation CD. It remade the song, fantasy by the Aldo Nova for the MTV. In 2009, the remake was released while their album Feel the Steel was made public in the same year.

In the beginning of its career, Steel Panther held music shows on weekly basis at the Viper Room. At these shows it played hit number of 80s; they also did the parody of the popular band of the era. In 2002, the band under the title Danger Kitty came up with its popular number Lover Rocket. The band lightheartedly considers it as a glam metal band that did not gain popularity during the 1980s.
Everything about Steel Panther is extraordinary and this why you can enjoy their performance more than other music groups. You will love their sprayed hair and their leather jackets. Other than interesting music, the get up of the band members creates a great visual impact on stage. This is why you cannot only enjoy great music at its show but also have a great time seeing them perform in their own unique fashion. It is their great overall performance that has won huge fan following. Many celebrities have made their appearance at their its shows. Paul Stanley, David Draiman, Hal Sparks, Dane Cook, Corey Feldman, Sully Erna, Drew Carey, Chad Kroeger, Justin Hawkins, Ryan Key, , Billy Ray Cyrus and Justin Parks being some of them.

The ones who want to discover this wonderful band that has a distinctive style must not miss Steel Panther show this year. Steel Panther tickets are now available and if you want to find the best seats for the show you need to rush now. The universal appeal of Steel Panther makes it a perfect band for people of all ages. Also, the ones who enjoy different genres of music will certainly find Steel Panther very entertaining in every way. So wait no more and rush to be a part of live shows by this music sensation and return with memories that you will cherish for long!

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