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Smokey-Robinson is soul and R&B singer, record producer and songwriter. He was the first member of the Motown Records’s first vocal group, “The Miracles”. As a solo artist, Smokey-Robinson has given more than thirty seven Top 40 hits for Motown during the time period of the 1960s to late 1980s. His steady and dependable commercial success and innovative contributions to the record label have claimed him the title of “King of Motown.” Apart from “The Miracles”, he has also performed in associated acts with “The Temptations” and “Mary Wells.” Grab hold of the Smokey-Robinson tickets, to delve into the beautiful musical era of the 60s and the 80s. His performance will have you mesmerized.

Smokey Robinson, the multi-talented performer is coming to win over the crowds with his amazing voice. The American singer/songwriter is known for his mainstream romantic soul numbers and for his contribution to soul music. If you want see him perform to his well-known classics in his smooth and instantly recognizable falsetto tone, then you need to have Smokey Robinson tickets with you.
Not only has Smokey achieved recognition as a singer, but he is a very creative songwriter. Bob Dylan described Robinson as America's greatest living poet. In 1987, the famous R&B singer was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Robinson is also recognized as the founder of The Miracles, a popular Motown vocal group. It was a group he formed in the 1950’s by the name of Matadors that later became Miracles. With The Miracles, the talented artist has given many hits. Robinson also served as vice president of Motown. His contribution to the success of Motown cannot be ignored.
His relationship with Motown started in 1950s by a chance meeting with Berry Gordy who was the founder of the group . This meeting was beginning of an important relationship that was to change their lives. At the time Robinson needed a mentor and a direction, while Gordy wanted someone like him to take his musical vision forward. 
In the 1960s, "Shop Around” the single which had the particular Motown sound and energetic R&B, pop sound got them the much needed recognition. It was Miracles first big hit that helped them and the Motown label.
Smokey Robinson made a niche for himself in the music world with his extraordinary voice and his prolific song writing. The Miracles, apart from Robinson’s romantic ballads, also came up with party numbers. Mickey's Monkey is one of the most famous one that reached number 8 on Billboard Top 10 Pop chart. The 1962 Top Ten hit, You've Really Got a Hold on Me is the song that gave Smokey Robinson the romantic persona he is known for.  The song with well crafted lyrics, beautiful melody complimented Smokey’s pleading, soaring vocals.
This was the time of 1960s. During this decade, Miracles gave Motown consistent hits and managed to remain in the Top 40 most of the time. As a songwriter and producer Smokey Robinson made a major contribution to Motown’s early success where he wrote and produced for Miracles as well as for other Motown artists. Among the artists are Mary Wells and The Temptations.
Robinson toured with Miracles and gave many memorable performances.  In 1965, with the release of their cover album Going to a Go-G, the group changed the name to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.
In 1970s, Robinson became a solo performer experimenting with a more mellow sound. He made a great impact on the urban contemporary music.  Smokey continued to record with Motown in the 70s and 80’s. His work along with Motown’s shift from soul to urban also underwent this change and he produced some big solo hits.  It was in 1887, that Smokey received his first Grammy Award as a solo artist. Although his work as a solo artist did see success but it fades in comparison to the solo era with the Miracles. The period with Miracles proved to be the most successful for Robinson both artistically and commercially.
Today, the romantic soul singer continues to entertain audiences with his live performances.  Smokey Robinson concerts are always jam-packed. As soon as the concert starts he has the crowd swinging to his tunes. His shows are always pure romance with soul music and beautiful poetry delivered in a tone that Smokey is famous for. These are shows not to be missed so make sure you have Smokey Robinson tickets and be ready to experience the joy of his soothing voice.