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Pretoria, in the heart of South Africa is home to an alternative metal boy band that’s named Seether. This band was originally named Saron Gas but before the release of the second album the band with Musketeer Records the band was able to impress another major record label by the name of Wind-up Records As a result the band signed a new contract after settlement and maintained its contract with Musketeer Records in cognizance with Wind-up Records. That’s where they changed their name to what it is today. Originally formed in 1999, the band has since been associated with a number of big names such as, Evanescence, Red Staind, Static-X, Three Days Grace and Dark New Day. The band also has its own website. Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart and John Humphry are the three members of this post-grunge band.

During its ab-initio days, the band found itself performing at house parties, school and college conventions etc. As their popularity grew it started performing in larger arena’s to a wider audience. With their fame, the boys maintained their composure and didn’t let their success get to their heads. They continued performing at local venues like the University of Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town during lunch breaks. At that time Seether was still going by the name Saron Gas and under this name the band released its first album named Fragile. Under the patronage of Musketeer Records the band achieved immense success on local as well as international charts.

It was time for the three-boy Seether band to move forward, and as stated earlier, the heavy and melodic tunes of Saron Gas caught the attention of Wind-up Records. The reason Wind-up Records suggested the band change is name was a bit obvious. It was very close to the name of a highly toxic nerve gas called “Sarin” gas. Although never used by the Germans during Hitler’s rule, Wind-up Records had a point. Why attract negative attention? After some deliberations the band changed its name to what it is known as today, Seether.

The second album came shortly after the band was signed up by Wind-up Records. It was called Disclaimer. The music was fresh and appealed to the fans of the band immeasurably. From 2002 onwards, Seether was on a dream ride, touring tens of venues and generating immense publicity. They were so good at one point that one of the most effervescent and vibrant bands of the twenty first century, Evanescence, invited the boys to tour with them across the globe. The band put everything on hold for nearly a year. This included their own tours and a few recording contracts as well, as they had hit the nail on the head when they needed it the most. Morgan, the lead singer, performed with Amy Lee of Evanescence on several occasions, live on stage. The band remodeled some of the music on acoustic performances as well and structured and electric ballad out of the original song “Broken”. That alone became an instant hit with over eight million hits on some very popular websites.

In interesting romance brew during this world tour between Amy and Morgan. They sung another duet after “Broken”, called “Sold Me”. It was an instant hit in the US and Great Britain, remaining in the top 50 for nearly twenty four weeks. Another accolade to Seether was this song being featured in a Hollywood Blockbuster movie, The Punisher. The band became all the rage even in Australia. In 2004, the band released their third album which was a remix version of Disclaimer. Earlier this year the band won the accredited Active and Heritage Rock Artist award.

The Seether band is known to give some really amazing live onstage performances. Their live musical concerts are known to be truly electrifying and completely out of this world. This comes as no surprise that the Seether tickets are in an incredible demand. So if you are a fan of this fantastic band or a fan of listening to some truly awesome music live, then this is the best time for you to grab hold of those Seether tickets. We give you our word that you will enjoy an unforgettable time at this great music concert with your friends and family.

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Q:What does GA mean on discount Seether Tickets?

A:GA stands for General Admission. It means that Seether Tickets cant be reserved and will only be sold on first come, first served basis.

Q:Who will deliver me my Seether Tickets 2013?

A:Seether Tickets will be delivered to you through FedEx, within the specified time. They can also be collected from the venue depending on your choice.

Q:Can i buy Seether concert Tickets through cash?

A:Seether Tickets can only be bought through Master Card, Visa and American Express. Any other form of payment is not accepted on our site.

Q:Will you be able to deliver my last minute bought Seether concert Tickets 2013 in time, before the event?

A:If you decide to buy your Seether Tickets at the last minute then we will not deliver them to you. To make sure that you get them in your hand, tickets will be sent to the venue and you will have to collect from there.